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Configurations Ford Territory 2022

Release Ford Territory 2022

Herbster has been well-positioned politically as civic administrator of Trump’s agronomical and rural advising lath and as a loyal Trump accessory who has been a accustomed face at White Abode events.

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Spy Shoot Ford Territory 2022

Nor, Oden said, will the abandonment of Carlos Castillo from Herbster’s close amphitheater be a agency in whether Herbster ultimately decides to accompany the governorship.

Castillo, who managed aloft Gov. Dave Heineman’s 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary advance achievement over Rep. Tom Osborne, Nebraska’s allegorical football coach, afresh larboard Herbster’s application to become controlling administrator of the Millard Accessible Schools Foundation.

Exterior Ford Territory 2022

Castillo originally was assassin to administer Herbster’s 2014 advance and had connected been advancing as acceptable to advance any approaching gubernatorial bid.

Herbster is buyer and CEO of Conklin, a assorted accomplishment and administering aggregation headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and owns an Angus beasts operation in Falls City.

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Heineman is a affiliate of Conklin’s lath of directors.

1. Willa Cather



Known for her depictions of Nebraska avant-garde activity in novels such as “My Antonia” and “O Pioneers!,” Willa Cather is a primary bulk of American arcane addition and was the arch U.S. biographer of the 1920s and aboriginal ’30s.

Wilella Cather, who beneath her name to Willa, was built-in in Virginia and confused to Nebraska with her ancestors at age 9. The Cathers acclimatized in Red Cloud, area Cather was fatigued to the prairie and its settlers — afterwards the accountable bulk of seven of her 12 novels.

In 1890, Cather confused to Lincoln to appear the University of Nebraska, intending to become a physician. But accepting an article appear in a Lincoln bi-weekly aggressive her to become a writer, starting her career as amphitheater analyzer and columnist for the Nebraska Accompaniment Journal.

In 1896, Cather became editor of a woman’s anniversary in Pittsburgh, afresh able aerial academy from 1901 to 1906, afore abiding to anniversary work. In 1911, she became a full-time fiction writer, publishing her aboriginal novel, “Alexander’s Bridge,” a year later, followed by “O Pioneers!” in 1913 and the autobiographical “My Antonia” in 1918.

2. Standing Bear

c. 1829-1908

Native leader

A acclaimed Ponca chief, Standing Bear, in 1879, became the aboriginal Built-in to be accurately accustomed as a person.

In 1877, the federal government affected the Ponca from their northeast Nebraska acreage to Indian Area in what is now Oklahoma. A year later, anniversary the ambition of his 16-year-old son to be active forth the Niobrara River, Standing Bear led a bandage of association associates aback to Nebraska.

Arrested for abrogation the reservation, Standing Bear stood balloon at Fort Omaha, his attorneys filing a command of habeas bulk battling the detention. The adjudicator disqualified in favor of Standing Bear and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ruling.

3. Johnny Carson


Talk appearance host

One of television’s best-known personalities, Carson hosted “The Tonight Show” for 30 years (1962-92), acceptable four Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award (1985) and the Presidential Badge of Freedom (1992).

Born in Iowa, he confused at age 8 with his ancestors to Norfolk, area he developed an absorption in magic. Afterwards admission from the University of Nebraska (1949), Carson formed in Omaha radio afore affective to Los Angeles in 1951.

He took over “The Tonight Show” from Jack Paar on Oct. 1, 1962, aperture the appearance with a signature monologue, afterward a “Here’s Johnny” addition from accessory Ed McMahon.

4. George W. Norris



Called “the actual perfect, affable charlatan of American accelerating ideals” by Admiral Franklin D. Roosevelt, Norris served bristles agreement in the U.S. Abode of Representatives (1903-13) and bristles agreement in the U.S. Senate (1913-43), all save the final appellation as a Republican.

An Ohio native, Norris confused to Beaver City in 1885 to convenance law. He accustomed an appointment in McCook in 1899, practicing law afore alpha his political career.

Norris answer the unicameral Assembly in Nebraska, accustomed by voters in 1934, and led the conception of the Tennessee Basin Authority, and the Rural Electrification Act, both advancement accessible power.

5. Wm. Jennings Bryan



A acclaimed orator and baton of the autonomous addition of the Democratic Party, Bryan was the Democratic presidential appointee three times — in 1896, 1900 and 1908. He served two agreement in Congress from Nebraska and was Secretary of Accompaniment beneath Woodrow Wilson.

Born in Salem, Illinois, “The Great Commoner” acclimatized in Lincoln in 1887 to convenance law. Accepted for his oratory, Bryan was a best of chargeless argent and delivered his acclaimed “Cross of Gold” accent in 1896.

Touring the country as a accessible speaker, Bryan formed for peace, Prohibition and women’s capitalism and adjoin the teaching of evolution, abutting the case in the acclaimed Scopes Monkey Balloon in 1925.

6. John Neihardt



The writer, artisan and historian is best accepted for “Black Elk Speaks,” the adventures of the Oglala Lakota angelic man Neihardt appear in 1932.

Born in Illinois, Neihardt confused to Wayne in 1892 as an 11-year-old. Bancroft became his home in 1901. He became a appear columnist at age 19, started his aloft work, “The Cycle of the West,” at 31 and became Nebraska’s Artisan Laureate at 40.

At 45, he was arcane editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and at 68 became poet-in-residence and academician in English at the University of Missouri. He alternate to Nebraska in his 80s, continuing to abode until his afterlife at 92.

7. Warren Buffett



One of the world’s best acknowledged investors and the second-wealthiest actuality in the U.S., with a net account estimated at $76 billion, Omaha built-in Buffett started authoritative money young, carrying newspapers and affairs golf assurance and chewing gum.

After accessory the University of Nebraska and the Columbia Business School, Buffett formed as a stockbroker, alpha his advance aggregation in 1956.

In 1962, Buffett invested in, afresh took over declining bolt aggregation Berkshire Hathaway, which the Oracle of Omaha angry into a awful acknowledged amassed with backing that accommodate some of the world’s better brands, application his value-investment method.

8. William F. Cody



U.S. Army advance and bison hunter William F. Cody was affected in dime novels as “Buffalo Bill.” In the aboriginal 1880s, he created in Nebraska “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West,” a circus-like Old West appearance that toured the U.S. and Europe.

The show’s success resulted in Cody acceptable one of the country’s aboriginal accumulation entertainers and arguably the best acclaimed American in the apple at the time.

Born in Iowa, Cody served as a advance for the U.S. Army in the 1860s and ’70s, earning his appellation aback he was assassin by a Kansas railway to accumulation addle meat. He purchased Scout’s Rest Ranch in North Platte in 1886 and founded the boondocks of Cody, Wyoming, in 1895.

9. Charles Dawes


Vice president

Dawes (above with pipe) pursued two careers in his lifetime, one in business/finance, the added in accessible service, with the two advancing calm in 1925 aback he won the Nobel Accord Prize while confined as Calvin Coolidge’s carnality president.

Dawes confused to Lincoln in 1887, area he able law until 1894. Purchases of gas companies in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and abreast Chicago started investments that fabricated him rich. The Republican activist took his aboriginal government position in 1898.

A self-taught musician, he composed what eventually became the pop accepted “It’s All in the Game.”

10.  Ted Sorensen


Presidential adviser

In 1953, the Lincoln built-in and University of Nebraska Academy of Law alum became arch aldermanic abettor for Sen. John F. Kennedy and, afterwards the 1960 election, became Admiral Kennedy’s arch abettor and speechwriter.

Responsible for crafting Kennedy’s acclaimed countdown address, Sorensen served as a key adviser during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and bound the letter to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev that defused the crisis.

After his White Abode years, Sorensen abutting a arresting New York City law close and congenital an all-embracing law practice.

11. J. Sterling Morton



Founder of Arbor Day, Morton confused to Nebraska City in 1854 and became editor of the bounded paper. He served as acting governor in 1858 and afresh in 1861 and was U.S. Secretary of Agriculture from 1893-1897.

12. Tom Osborne



The Hastings built-in played able football afore acceptable a Nebraska abettor drillmaster in 1964. Alleged arch drillmaster in 1972, Osborne led the Huskers for 25 years, acceptable three civic championships. He served in Congress from 2001-2007 and as UNL able-bodied administrator from 2007-2013.

13. John J. Pershing



In 1891, Army administrator Pershing became assistant of aggressive science at the University of Nebraska area he acceptable his law bulk in 1893. “Black Jack”Pershing served in the Spanish-American War and became the arch American administrator in Apple War I.

14. Harold Edgerton



Fremont-born Edgerton grew up in Aurora and accustomed his engineering bulk from the University of Nebraska in 1925. In 1927, he began alive with stroboscopes and in 1937 began accommodating with a columnist to accomplish his motion abduction images.

15. Loren Eiseley


Nature Writer

The Lincoln built-in began autograph while accessory the University of Nebraska. In 1947, he began teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. In the 1940s, he began autograph his acclaimed attributes essays and books accumulation accustomed science with literature.

16. Dick Cavett



Born in Gibbon, Cavett grew up in Lincoln afore accessory Yale University. Assassin as a biographer for “The Tonight Show” in 1960, Cavett additionally formed in abecedarian ball afore landing “The Dick Cavett Show,” which ran from 1968 to 2007.

17. Bob Kerrey



Winning the Congressional Badge of Honor for his account in Vietnam, Lincoln’s Kerrey was adopted governor in 1982, became a U.S agent in 1989 and was a Democratic presidential applicant in 1992. He additionally served on the 9/11 Commission.

18. Henry Fonda



Born in Grand Island, Fonda began acting at the Omaha Association Playhouse at age 20, affective to California to accompany his career. He starred in added than 106 films and TV programs and won Tony, Grammy and Academy Awards.

19. Roscoe Pound



Lincoln’s Pound became administrator of the NU Academy of Law in 1903. In 1911, he began teaching at Harvard Law School, acceptable administrator in 1916, area he was accustomed for amusing jurisprudence and his conflicts with acknowledged realists.

20. Ernie Chambers



In 1970, Omaha’s Chambers was adopted to the Nebraska Assembly and served continuously until 2004. Re-elected in 2013, he is Nebraska’s longest-serving agent and accepted as a best for minorities and the poor.

21. Bob Devaney



The Michigan built-in became the Nebraska football drillmaster in 1962, revitalized the affairs and led the Huskers to civic championships in 1970 and 1971. He began confined as Nebraska’s able-bodied administrator in 1967 and connected in that role through 1993.

22. Crazy Horse

c. 1840-1877

Native leader

The Oglala Lakota warrior fought in battles with affiliated enemies afore abundantly arch the advance adjoin Gen. George Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876. He surrendered in 1877 and was taken to Fort Robinson, area he was stabbed and afterwards died.

22. Susan La Flesche Picotte



Born on the Omaha Reservation, La Flesche Picotte became the aboriginal Built-in woman to become a physician, earning her medical bulk in Philadelphia. She alternate to the catch in the 1890s to convenance and became a arresting health-care reformer.

24. Bob Gibson



The Hall of Famer from Omaha pitched 17 seasons for the St. Louis Cardinals alpha in 1959. He able with 251 wins, 3,117 strikeouts and a 2.91 ERA. He won two Apple Alternation and two Cy Adolescent Awards.

25. Peter Kiewit



In 1931, the Omahan attenuated the architectonics aggregation accustomed by his ancestor and his uncle and created Peter Kiewit Sons’ Co., architectonics the business into one of the nation’s better contractors over the abutting bristles decades.

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26. Marlon Brando



Born in Omaha, Brando is admired as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. He began acceptance acting in the 1940s and starred in his aboriginal cine in 1950. He appeared in 39 films, acceptable two Academy Awards.

27. Charles Bessey



An Ohio native, Bessey became a nationally accepted University of Nebraska assistant of botany and agronomics from 1884 to 1915. He alert served as the university’s acting adjudicator and was admiral of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

28. Louise Pound



An able abecedarian in her adolescence and aboriginal 20s, the Lincoln built-in able at the University of Nebraska for 50 years, acceptable an ascendancy on folklore, dialects and accepted language. In 1955, she was the aboriginal woman adopted Avant-garde Accent Association president.

29. George Beadle



Wahoo-born and University of Nebraska-educated, Beadle began his career teaching and researching bulb analysis in 1931. He and Edward Lawrie Tatum were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1958 for their assignment calm on the bane Neurospora.

30. Hartley Burr Alexander



The Lincoln built-in led the University of Nebraska aesthetics administering from 1908 to 1927. A abounding writer, Alexander was the aboriginal non-Native to abstraction Built-in art, acceptance and philosophy, and teamed with Bertram Goodhue on the architectonics of the Accompaniment Capitol.

31. Solomon Butcher



In 1886, Butcher absitively to aftermath a accurate history of Custer County, which led to about three decades of documenting avant-garde activity throughout the Sandhills, demography added than 3,000 photographs and bearing two books.

32. Bess Streeter Aldrich



In 1909, Aldrich confused to Elmwood, area she became one of the most-prolific, highly-paid writers of her time. She bound added than 200 abbreviate acceptance and 13 novels, including “Miss Bishop,” which was fabricated into a film.

33. Joyce Hall



Born in David City, Hall and his brothers began affairs postcards in 1905 and founded the Norfolk Post Agenda Aggregation in 1908. In 1910, he confused to Kansas City, Missouri, area his aggregation became Hallmark, the country’s better greeting-card manufacturer.

34. Ted Kooser


Performance Ford Territory 2022


Iowa-born Kooser accustomed his master’s bulk from the University of Nebraska in 1968 and formed as an allowance controlling while autograph poetry. He served as U.S. Artisan Laureate from 2004-2006 and charcoal a accessible apostle for poetry.

35. Mari Sandoz



Born abreast Hay Springs and accomplished at the University of Nebraska, Sandoz began autograph about activity in the Sandhills with 1935’s “Old Jules.” She wrote 10 anthology books about avant-garde activity and Plains Indians and seven novels, including “Capital City,” about Lincoln.

36. Robert Henri



Born Robert Henry Cozad, Henri grew up in Cozad, founded by his father. He advised art in Philadelphia in the backward 1800s and became the baton of a accumulation of astute painters of burghal America accepted as the Ashcan School.

37. Grover Cleveland Alexander



Born in Elba, “Old Pete” began arena semi-pro baseball as a teenager, active a pro arrangement in 1907 and abutting the Philadelphia Phillies in 1911. A ascendant pitcher, the Hall of Famer’s 373 wins are angry for third all-time.

38.  J.J. Exon



After confined in Apple War II, Exon founded an appointment accessories aggregation in Lincoln and helped body the Nebraska Democratic Party. Exon, who never absent an election, served as governor (1971-1979) and U.S. Agent (1979-1997).

39. Alexander Payne



The backstab Academy Award champ from Omaha has fabricated six alarmingly acclaimed films, alpha with 1996’s “Citizen Ruth.” Three of those films were set in his home state: “Election” (1999), “About Schmidt” (2002) and “Nebraska” (2013).

40. Daniel Freeman



On Jan. 1, 1863, Freeman became the aboriginal actuality to pale a affirmation beneath the Homestead Act, clearing abreast Beatrice. In 1902, he was a plaintiff in a accusation that became a battleground acknowledged accommodation on the break of abbey and accompaniment in schools.

41. Fred Astaire



Omaha-born Astaire, the aboriginal ball brilliant on film, fabricated 31 movies, generally partnering with Ginger Rogers. He fabricated assorted television appearances and appear recordings during his 76-year career, baronial fifth on AFI’s account of Hollywood Golden Age macho stars.

42. Edith Abbott



Grand Island’s Abbott, the aboriginal changeable administrator of a alum school, was a amusing science researcher and drillmaster who helped abstruse the Amusing Security Act and authorize abundance systems. She wrote added than 100 books as a “passionate statistician.”

43. Red Cloud


Oglala Leader

Born abreast North Platte, Red Cloud led the Oglala Lakota from 1868 to 1909. He allowable one of the affliction defeats inflicted on the U.S. Army above-mentioned to Little Bighorn, and afresh led his bodies through the alteration to catch life.

44. Darryl Zanuck


Film producer

Wahoo’s Zanuck produced the aboriginal talking film, “The Applesauce Singer,” in 1927, co-founded 20th Aeon Fox in 1933 and won three Academy Awards as a producer. He has a brilliant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

45. Chuck Hagel



A Vietnam adept and acknowledged businessman, Hagel was adopted as a Republican to the U.S. Senate in 1996 and was cutting re-elected in 2002. In 2013, he became Secretary of Defense beneath Admiral Obama, confined until 2015.

46. Walter Behlen



Born abreast Columbus, the agent and philanthropist co-founded Behlen Accomplishment Company, a business accepted for designing and accomplishment agronomical accessories articles such as atom bins. In 1968, he won an Horatio Alger Award for claimed action and acceptance in the free-enterprise system.

47. Roger Welsch



Born in Lincoln and now of Dannebrog, the antic delivered “Postcards from Nebraska” as a arch contributor for “CBS Sunday Morning.” He’s accounting about 30 books alignment from avant-garde ballad to tractor apology to amusing observations of the state.

48. Cliff Hillegass



In 1958, Hillegass, who was built-in in Rising City, and his wife, Catherine, co-founded CliffsNotes, the arcane abstraction guides for students. By 1989, the Lincoln-based aggregation had produced added than 220 titles and awash added than 50 abecedarian guides.

Kay Orr



Appointed accompaniment broker in 1981, she became Nebraska’s aboriginal changeable governor and the aboriginal Republican woman to be adopted governor in the country in 1986 aback she defeated Helen Boosalis in the aboriginal U.S. gubernatorial acclamation amid two women.

Ernst F. Lied



An Omaha car dealer-turned-Las Vegas developer, Lied gave millions of dollars beneath the administering of trustee Christina Hixson for projects about the accompaniment that he advised home, including the Lied Centermost for Performing Arts and Lied Jungle at Henry Doorly Zoo.

51. Grace Abbott


Social worker

Abbott, built-in and accomplished in Grand Island, confused to Chicago’s Hull Abode in 1907, acceptable an apostle for immigrants and alive adjoin adolescent labor. She was afterwards the aboriginal woman nominated to a chiffonier position, but was not confirmed.

52. Terry Carpenter



Scottbluff’s Carpenter was adopted to the Abode of Representatives in 1933, but bootless in abounding consecutive elections while architectonics a acknowledged business. He was adopted to the Nebraska Assembly in 1952, confined 22 years and acceptable one of its best able members.

53. Paul Johnsgard



In 1961, ornithologist Johnsgard abutting the University of Nebraska, area he able for 40 years. One of the world’s foremost authorities on birds, Johnsgard has appear added than 50 books and accounting added monographs of bird groups than any added author.

54. Malcolm X



Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Malcolm X was confined in the 1940s, abutting the Nation of Islam and was its agent afore breaking off, traveling the world, and alive and speaking out adjoin allegory afore his 1965 assassination.

55. Robert Taylor



Born Spangler Arlington Brugh, Taylor grew up in Beatrice and abounding Doane Academy afore affective to California, area he began acting in the 1930s. “The Man With the Absolute Profile” became one of the most-popular arch men of his time.

56. Harold Lloyd



Silent-film ball adept Lloyd was built-in in Burchard and confused to California as a boy. He began acting at 19 in some of the ancient films, afresh developed the bespectacled appearance that fabricated him a brilliant through the 1920s.

57. Johnny Rodgers



Johnny “The Jet” Rodgers in 1972 became Nebraska’s aboriginal Heisman Trophy winner. A standout at Omaha Tech, the wingback set the NCAA advantageous yardage almanac with the Huskers afore arena professionally for six seasons in the CFL and NFL.

58. Rose Blumkin



An immigrant from Russia, Blumkin confused with her bedmate to Omaha in 1919, area she opened a secondhand accouterment store. In 1937, “Mrs. B.” founded Nebraska Furniture Mart, which she helped advance into the nation’s better home accoutrement store.

59. Harold Warp



Born in a sod abode abreast Minden and orphaned at 11, Warp invented Flex-O-Glass, a artificial window actual in the 1920s and his Chicago-based aggregation has produced the blanket and added products. He opened Avant-garde Village in Minden in 1953.

60. Mike Johanns



Elected to the Lancaster County Lath (1983-87) and the Lincoln City Council (1989-1991), Johanns became Lincoln’s ambassador (1991-99) and afresh governor (1999-2005). He was alleged U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in 2005 and was adopted to the Senate in 2008.

61. Sandy Dennis



The Hastings-born Oscar and Tony Award-winning extra began her amphitheater career in Lincoln, confused to New York, acceptable Tony Awards in 1963 and 1964. She accustomed the best acknowledging extra Oscar for 1966’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

62. Chip Davis



Davis confused to Omaha to assignment in advertising, area he created the C.W. McCall appearance and became an award-winning country songwriter. In 1974, he founded Mannheim Steamroller and American Gramaphone annal and has awash added than 28 abecedarian records.

63.  Larry the Cable Guy



Pawnee City’s Dan Whitney developed the Larry the Cable Guy persona in the backward ‘90s, acceptable a abecedarian brilliant with his “Blue Collar” ball and starring in films, including delivery for Disney’s “Cars” series, TV commercials and on Sirius/XM radio.

64. Walter Scott Jr.



Scott began his career as a civilian architect with Peter Kiewit & Sons in Omaha, was adopted to the aggregation lath and succeeded Kiewit as administrator in 1979. Now administrator of Level 3 Communications, Scott is a Berkshire Hathaway lath member.

65.  Wright Morris



Born in Central City, Morris, who lived in Philadelphia and Mexico afore clearing in California to teach, wrote novels and essays assuming the bodies of the Great Plains, as able-bodied as actuality accepted for alive in alpha autograph forms.

66. Gerald R. Ford



Born Leslie King in Omaha, Ford confused to Michigan as a boy, demography the name of his adoptive father. He served in Congress from 1949 to 1973, aback he was appointed carnality president. He became admiral in 1974 afterward the abandonment of Richard Nixon.

67. Gale Sayers



One of the best aerial academy football players anytime in Nebraska, the Omaha Central active aback was a backstab All-American at Kansas, a first-round Chicago Bears abstruse aces and a five-time all-pro in his six-year, injury-shortened career.

68. Virginia Smith



In 1974, Smith, a longtime Republican Affair activist from Chappell, became the aboriginal Nebraska woman to be adopted to the U.S. Abode of Representatives, area she served on the Appropriations Lath and championed rural projects until her retirement in 1991.

69. Clayton Anderson


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Nebraska’s alone astronaut, Ashland’s Anderson advised physics at Hastings Academy afore abutting NASA in 1998. He spent 152 canicule aboard the All-embracing Amplitude Station in 2007 and addition 12 canicule in amplitude in 2010. He retired from NASA in 2013.

70. Edwin Perkins



At age 31, Perkins confused to Hastings, area he formed with apparent medicines and domiciliary products, including a bandage awash door-to-door and by mail. In 1927, he invented a delicate soft-drink mix, originally alleged Kool-Ade. He awash Kool-Aid to Accepted Foods in 1953.

71. Matthew Sweet


Rock Musician

Lincoln singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sweet began in bounded bands afore affective to Athens, Ga. area he began his now three-decade career, accent by his 1991 album, “Girlfriend,” a power-pop masterpiece accustomed as one of the best annal of the decade.

72. Bob Boozer



Omaha Tech alum Boozer was a backstab all-America advanced at Kansas State, won an Olympic gold badge in 1960 and was an all-star (1968) and best (1971, Milwaukee Bucks) during his 11-year NBA career.

73. Susette La Flesche Tibbles



The author, activist and apostle for Built-in rights was the aboriginal Built-in academician and the aboriginal appear Built-in artisan and writer. “Bright Eyes” additionally helped accompany about access of the Dawes Act in 1887.

New Concept Ford Territory 2022

74. Alvin Johnson



Born in Homer and accomplished in economics at the University of Nebraska, Johnson was an drillmaster and editor who co-founded the New Academy in New York and became its administrator in 1922. He was accepted for rescuing European advisers from Nazi persecution.

75. Ancestor Edward Flanagan



Irish-born Flanagan immigrated to the U.S. in 1904, was assigned to his aboriginal archdiocese in O’Neill in 1912 and, in 1917, founded an abode for boys that, in 1921, afterwards affective to a acreage west of Omaha, became Boys Town.

76. Moses Kinkaid



In 1881, advocate Kinkaid confused to O’Neill and served in the Nebraska Assembly and as a adjudicator afore actuality adopted to Congress in 1902, area he authored the Kinkaid Act  that continued the bulk of acreage accessible to settlers in the Sandhills.

77. Robert Furnas



The additional governor of Nebraska, Furnas came to the accompaniment in 1856, area he appear the Nebraska Farmer magazine, was adopted to the territorial legislature, served on the Lath of Regents and served as governor from 1873-75.

78. Jeff Raikes

1958 –


Ashland’s Raikes abutting Microsoft in 1981, area he accumulating aboriginal assignment in business applications and headed the company’s sales force and casework accumulation afore backward in 2008 to become arch of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and his Raikes Foundation.

79. Joel Sartore



Lincoln’s Sartore is a 20-year contributor to Civic Geographic, a attributes columnist whose assignment has  been featured on TV and in documentary film. He was alleged a Civic Geographic Fellow in 2012 and co-founded the All-embracing League of Attention Photographers.

80. Donald Clifton



Butte’s Clifton, an accustomed WWII vet, was a University of Nebraska educational attitude assistant (1950-69) accepted for developing Strengths-Based Psychology. He founded Selection Research, Inc., which acquired the Gallup Organization in 1988.

81. The Joslyns


George Joslyn and wife Sarah (above) confused in 1880 to Omaha, area he developed the country’s better bi-weekly account company, afresh gave added than $7 abecedarian to association projects, best conspicuously the Joslyn Art Museum, which opened in 1931.

82. Robert Daugherty



Omaha-born Daugherty co-founded Valmont Industries in 1954, active the aggregation that became the world’s aboriginal and better supplier of center-pivot irrigation systems and a aloft supplier of account poles with anniversary sales of added than $800 abecedarian in 2000.

83. Dwight Griswold



Born in Harrison, the broker and bi-weekly administrator served three agreement as governor, was a 1944 GOP vice-presidential choice contender, a administrator of the U.S. Aggressive Government in Germany and was adopted to the U.S. Senate in 1952.

84. Nathan Gold



Gold confused to Lincoln with his parents in 1902, abutting his ancestor William in the ancestors business, the Gold and Aggregation Administering Store, in 1913, and began confined as its admiral in 1936, administering it through years of expansion.

85. Ben Kuroki



Hershey-raised Kuroki was the alone American of Japanese coast in the United States Army Air Force to serve in action operations in the Pacific Theatre in Apple War II, aerial 58 action missions and accepting the Distinguished Aerial Cross.

86. William Petersen



The Danish immigrant invented the alternation Vise-Grip pliers in 1921 and three years afterwards founded DeWitt-based Petersen Accomplishment Co. (later American Tool) that became the better abreast captivated architect of duke tools.

87. Terry Pettit



In 23 years as coach, Pettit accustomed Nebraska volleyball as one of the nation’s best, acceptable 21 appointment championships and the school’s aboriginal civic appellation in 1995. He is awful admired as a apprenticeship drillmaster and volleyball expert.

88. Preston Love



Omaha’s Love was a acclaimed alto saxophonist, bandleader and songwriter who played with the Count Basie Orchestra, Billie Holiday and Ray Charles and served as the Motown bandleader, as able-bodied as arch his own bandage and authoritative recordings.

89. Evelyn Brodstone Vestey



The Superior built-in was the world’s highest-paid woman in the 1920s active the London-based, all-embracing Vestey’s meat-packing business afore marrying Lord William Vestey in 1924, acceptable Lady Vestey and the world’s richest woman.

90. The Creightons


A architect who pioneered the architectonics of telegraph lines, Edward Creighton (above) organized the aboriginal civic coffer in the Nebraska area and, with his brother John, co-founded Creighton University in Omaha, which was congenital by the Jesuit Order in 1879.

91. Grenville Dodge



Dodge, an architect who served in the Union Army, was asked by Admiral Lincoln in 1864 to advice adjudge the eastern abuttals of the Union Pacific Railroad and became the company’s arch engineer, acquisition the abuse bandage bottomward the Platte River valley.

92. Norman Geske


Museum director

The founding administrator of the Sheldon Museum of Art is abundantly amenable for the architectonics of the Philip Johnson-designed building, accepting abundant of Sheldon’s acclaimed American art accumulating and allowance authorize the Museum of Nebraska Art.

93. Frank Woods



The advocate founded what became the Lincoln Blast & Telegraph Aggregation in 1905, helped actualize accepted blast account in the 1910s and pioneered use of punch telephones. He accustomed the Woods Charitable Fund, which continues to operate, in 1941.

94. J. Lee Rankin



Born in Hartington, Rankin got his law bulk and able in Lincoln, served as U.S. Solicitor Accepted (1956-1961), argued the groundbreaking Gideon vs. Wainwright case for the ACLU and was accepted admonition for the Warren Commission.

95. Gordon MacRae



New Jersey-born MacRae, a accompanist and abecedarian best accepted for starring in 1950’s blur adaptations of “Oklahoma” and “Carousel,” appeared on dozens of TV shows and formed the Broadway stage. He lived in Lincoln in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

96. Montgomery Clift



Omaha-born Clift, an aboriginal adjustment actor, began his career on Broadway at age 15, was nominated for four Academy Awards, best conspicuously for “A Place in the Sun,” afore a 1956 car blow about concluded his career.

97. Mabel Lee



Lee served as administrator and armchair of concrete apprenticeship for women at the University of Nebraska (1924-1952), became an internationally-known fettle able and concrete apprenticeship avant-garde and broadcast sports and bookish programs for women.

98. Weldon Kees



Born in Beatrice, Kees advised at Doane Academy and the University of Nebraska afore establishing himself as a artisan and abstruse announcement painter in 1940s New York. He spent his final years in San Francisco, mysteriously dematerialization in 1955.

99. Howard Hanson



The Wahoo-born artisan won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944 for his Symphony No. 1. He was administrator of the Eastman Academy of Music for 40 years and became accepted as a best for classical music.

100. William Smith


Auto Racing

“Speedy Bill” founded Lincoln-based Speedway Motors, America’s oldest acceleration boutique and one of the world’s better manufacturers and distributors of genitalia for antagonism and artery rod markets. He additionally endemic nationally-competitive go-karts, dragsters and Indy cars.

101. Keith Jacobshagen



The pre-eminent painter of Heartland landscapes, Jacobshagen, a retired University of Nebraska-Lincoln art professor, has had his distinctive, low-horizon angle of Southeast Nebraska displayed in arresting museums and clandestine collections above the country.

102. Mary Pipher


Psychologist, author

The columnist of the No. 1 bestseller, “Raising Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls,” Lincoln analytic analyst Pipher has accounting nine books, primarily on how American ability influences brainy health. She is a able articulation for accelerating causes in the state.

103. Andrew Higgins



Higgins, who grew up in Columbus and Omaha, has been accustomed as “the man who won the war for us” for his apparatus and accomplishment of “Higgins boats,” the ramp-bowed landing ability acclimated by American armament during Apple War II.

104. Gilbert Hitchcock



The son of a U.S. senator, Omaha’s Hitchcock accustomed the Omaha Evening Apple in 1885 and four years afterwards purchased the Omaha Morning Herald to actualize the Omaha World-Herald. He served as a Democratic agent and two-term U.S. senator.

105. Charles Gere



Gere accustomed The Nebraska Commonwealth, the state’s aboriginal newspaper, in Lincoln. As a affiliate of the Nebraska Legislature, he led efforts to authorize the University of Nebraska, as able-bodied as the state’s aboriginal bastille and aboriginal asylum.

106. Jordan Larson



Larson drew statewide absorption as a basic phenom in the baby boondocks of Hooper, afresh became every adolescent volleyball player’s idol — acceptable a civic appellation at Nebraska in 2006 and alert acceptable medals at the Olympic Games.

107. Ed Zorinsky


U.S. senator

In 1976, afterwards switching political parties, the accepted Omaha ambassador became the aboriginal Democrat adopted to the U.S. Senate from Nebraska in added than 40 years and the aboriginal Jewish actuality anytime to win a statewide election. He was accepted for his Foreign Relations Lath work.

108. Dick Cheney


Vice president

Cheney, who grew up in Lincoln, was one of the best able and affecting carnality presidents in history during his 2001-2008 administering with Admiral George W. Bush. Cheney was apparent as actuality amenable for accretion presidential admiral and implementing Bush’s Iraq War policy.

109. Roman Hruska


U.S. senator

The David City built-in served in the U.S. Senate from 1954 to 1976. One of the best articulate conservatives of the era, Hruska was a accomplished administrator who acerb afflicted the federal bent amends system.

110. Gutzon Borglum



Borglum, who grew up in Omaha and Fremont, was complex in the abstraction of Bean Mountain in Georgia and created Mount Rushmore, alive on the South Dakota bean faces of four presidents from 1927 until his afterlife in 1941.

111. Dave Rimington


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An All-American for Nebraska in 1981 and 1982, Omaha-born Rimington played seven seasons in the NFL and now is admiral of the Boomer Esiason Foundation. He’s the namesake of the Rimington Trophy presented annually to the best bookish center.

Thomas R. Kimball



Coming to Nebraska in his teens, Kimball became accepted for his classical appearance of architecture, with abounding of his barrio now on the NRHP, including the Lincoln Blast Aggregation Architectonics (1894) and Omaha’s St. Philomena’s Cathedral (1908).

113. Logan Fontenelle



Born of French and Omaha ancestry, Fontenelle served as analyst during acreage negotiations amid Omaha leaders and the U.S. government in the 1850s. He died aback his hunting affair was attacked by Sioux.

114. Nick Nolte



The Omaha-born, Oscar-nominated abecedarian was expelled from Benson Aerial afore admission from Westside and arena academy football in Arizona. He’s acted in added than 70 movies and several TV series, currently starring as the appellation appearance on EPIX’s “Graves.”

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115. James Coburn



The Laurel-born Oscar champ appeared in added than 70 films and 100 TV shows during his 45-year career. He’s best accepted for his “cool” in the ‘60s in movies such as “In Like Flint” and “The President’s Analyst.”

116. Randy Meisner



Born in Scottsbluff, the bassist was a founding affiliate of The Eagles. He confused to California in the mid-’60s area he played with Poco and The Bean Canyon afore abutting The Eagles in 1971 and arena to 1977.

117. Max Baer



Born in Omaha, Baer boxed professionally for 13 years (1929-41), assault Adolf Hitler’s admired fighter (Max Schmeling), acceptable the ample appellation in 1934 and angry in the aboriginal televised ample prizefight in 1939.

118. Abracadabra Slim



Morris “Magic Slim” Holt was built-in in Mississippi and confused to Chicago in the 1950s acceptable a Dejection Music Award-winning bandage leader, guitarist and singer. A accoutrement at the Zoo Bar for added than 35 years, Slim confused to Lincoln in the aboriginal 1990s.

119. Carl T. Curtis



The Kearney-born advocate represented Nebraska in Congress from 1939 to 1954, with several of his account implemented in the 1950 Amusing Security Act, and served as U.S. agent from 1955 to 1979.

120. Seacrest Family


In 1901, Joe C. Seacrest (above), a Pennsylvania “printer’s devil” angry editor, purchased the Nebraska Accompaniment Journal, alpha added than 90 years of Nebraska bi-weekly publishing by the Seacrest family. The Journal won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for accessible service.

121. Gabrielle Union



The appellation appearance in BET’s “Being Mary Jane” was built-in in Omaha and abounding UNL afore appointment to UCLA and alpha her acting career. She has appeared in added than 30 movies and 20 TV series.

122. Paul Revere



Born Paul Revere Dick in Harvard, Revere, accepted as the “Madman of Bedrock ‘n’ Roll” was the keyboard-playing baton of the Revolutionary War-themed bandage Paul Revere & The Raiders, accepted for songs like “Kicks” and “Not Your Steppin’ Stone.”

123. Jonas L. Brandeis



Brandeis confused his ancestors to Omaha, area he started J.L. Brandeis & Sons, which during its acme in the 1960s and ’70s was accounted Nebraska’s administering store, with locations throughout the state.

124. Herman Cain



Cain accustomed in Omaha in 1986, area he angry about the then-Pillsbury-owned Godfather’s pizza alternation as its CEO and president. His business success served as springboard for him to go into backroom and accomplish a 2012 presidential run.

125. Paul Williams



The Omaha-born Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe champ acceptable consecration into the Songwriters Hall of Acclaim for such gems as “We’ve Alone Just Begun,” “Rainy Canicule and Mondays,” “An Old Fashioned Love Song” and “The Rainbow Connection.”

126. Nicholas Sparks



Born in Omaha, Sparks has become one of the world’s most-beloved storytellers, with abounding of his best-selling, affecting novels acclimatized for the big screen, including “The Notebook,”  “Dear John” and “Safe Haven.”

127. Ed Ruscha



Omaha-born Ruscha was adopted to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2001, accustomed for his paintings that absorb words and phrases and bartering cartoon and his accurate books that draw on the Beat Generation and pop art.

128. Sam Crawford



Nicknamed “Wahoo,” the Hall of Acclaim outfielder holds MLB annal for triples in a career and inside-the-park homers in a season. Arena from 1899 to 1917, he became aboriginal abecedarian to advance both AL and NL in homers.

129. Neal Hefti



Most bargain accepted for his affair songs to the “Batman” TV appearance and “The Odd Couple,” Hefti was built-in in Hastings, grew up in Omaha and became a applesauce trumpeter and arranger afore autograph array for blur and television.

130. Marg Helgenberger



Raised in North Bend, Helgenberger acquired absorption on the daytime soap “Ryan’s Hope” afore acceptable an Emmy for “China Beach.” She is best accepted for her role as Catherine Willows on the long-running CBS hit “CSI.”

131. Charlie Greene


Track & Field

The countdown affiliate of the Nebraska Athletics Hall of Acclaim won a gold badge on the U.S. 4×100-meter broadcast and a brownish in the 100 at the 1968 Olympics. He angry the apple almanac in the 100 three times.

132. Lee G. Simmons


Zoo Director

As administrator of the Henry Doorly Zoo (1970-2009) and administrator of the Omaha Zoo Foundation (2009-), Simmons congenital the zoo into a world-class destination, animated attention acquaintance and launched new analysis programs.

133. Zager and Evans

Rock band

In 1969, guitarist/singers Denny Zager and Rick Evans, bassist Mark Dalton and bagman Dave Trupp appear “In The Year 2525.” It hit the top of the archive in July 1968, blockage for six weeks — the alone No. 1 hit from Nebraska.

134. James Valentine



Moving from Lincoln to California with his bandage Square in 2000, Valentine abutting the accumulation that became Maroon 5 a year later. The best accepted bandage of the 2000s, Maroon 5 has awash added than 20 abecedarian albums worldwide.

135. Fred Seaton



The longtime Hastings Tribune administrator went from confined in the Nebraska Assembly (1945-49) to acceptable the 36th U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1956-61) under Admiral Dwight D. Eisenhower.

136. John Falter



Falter, who grew up in Falls City, became one of the top anniversary illustrators of the 20th century. He’s best accepted for creating added than 120 covers for “The Saturday Evening Post,” abounding of them acquired from adumbration of average America.

137. Aaron Douglas



Painter, illustrator and educator, Douglas accelerating from the University of Nebraska in 1922 and acclimatized in Harlem three years later, area he became a key bulk in the Harlem Renaissance and became the ancestor of African-American art.

138. Guy Chamberlin



The Blue Springs built-in played for both NWU and NU, afresh went on to comedy and drillmaster in the NFL. He’s a affiliate of both the academy and pro football halls of fame. Four of his NFL teams won titles.

138. Johnny Goodman



The Omaha built-in fabricated a name for himself at age 19, acquisition golfer Bobby Jones in the U.S. Abecedarian in 1929. Four years later, he won the U.S. Accessible and charcoal the aftermost abecedarian to win the Open.

140. Norbert Tiemann



Elected in 1967, “Nobby” Tiemann, a broker from Wausa, is the best cogent governor of the avant-garde era. During his administration, the accompaniment began a sales and assets tax system, accompaniment aid to schools and saw the amplification of the University of Nebraska.

141. Victor Lewis



The Omaha-born University of Nebraska-Lincoln alum is broadly accustomed as one of the world’s top applesauce drummers. In his 40-year career, Lewis has played with a who’s-who of jazz, writes songs, annal abandoned albums and teaches.

142. Reinhold Marxhausen



A 40-year art administering armchair at Concordia, Nebraska (1951-91), Marxhausen corrective two circuitous murals in the Nebraska Accompaniment Capitol and appeared on “Late Night With David Letterman” in 1986 with his Brilliant Dust moon rocks.

143. Michael Forsberg

1966 –


Not alone are the Lincoln-born attributes photographer’s books begin on coffee tables throughout the accompaniment (and beyond), but his photo of sandhill cranes aerial abreast the Platte River at dusk will be acclimated for a U.S. postage brand adulatory Nebraska’s 150th altogether as a state.

144. Buddy Miles



Miles, built-in in Omaha, was a accoutrement in backward ’60s/’70s rock, arena with Jimi Hendrix in the Bandage of Gypsies, as a affiliate of Electric Flag, arch his own bandage and as the articulation of the “California Raisins” TV ads.

“Gorgeous George” Wagner


Professional wrestler

Wrestling’s aboriginal baroque “heel,” Butte-born Wagner grew his dyed-blond beard long, entered the arena in a sequined bathrobe and became wrestling’s better cartoon agenda aback the action hit TV in the backward 1940s. He afflicted Muhammad Ali, James Brown and every consecutive “heel.”

146. Jack Van Berg


Thoroughbred trainer

The Columbus built-in followed in his father’s footsteps, and both are in the Civic Antagonism Hall of Fame. In 1987, he became the aboriginal blood trainer to win 5,000 races. He won the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic with Alysheba.

147. Mike Hill


Film editor

Omaha-born Hill and his alteration partner, Dan Hanley, are best accepted for alive with administrator Ron Howard. Their accord dates aback to Howard’s “Night Shift” (1982) and includes a Best Blur Editing Oscar for “Apollo 13” (1995).

148. Wynonie Harris


Blues shouter

A dejection shouter and R&B singer, Harris had 16 “race” and R&B hits in the ‘40s and ‘50s, conspicuously “Good Rockin’ Tonight,” afterwards recorded by Elvis Presley, one of those afflicted by the Omaha-born advertiser of bedrock ‘n’ roll.

149. Swoosie Kurtz



The Omaha-born babe of an Air Force colonel is a backstab Tony and Emmy Award champ who appears consistently on TV, including a contempo six-season run on the CBS hit ball “Mike & Molly.”

150. Charles Starkweather


Spree killer

The best abominable Nebraskan, Lincoln debris man Starkweather dead 11 bodies in Southeast Nebraska and Wyoming during a two-month annihilation bacchanalia in 1957 and 1958. He has been the accountable of movies, books and Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska.”

Reach the biographer at 402-473-7248 or [email protected].

On Twitter @LJSdon

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