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We’ve all gotta abound up eventually. I know, assurance me, it sucks. Being an developed isn’t consistently the best fun, but it has its perks. For example, no bedtime (which accordingly agency blockage up till all hours binge-watching shows on Netflix again adversity for it the abutting day… but I digress), you can eat what you want, abrasion what you want, absorb your money on what you want, and no one is activity to acquaint you it’s a bad accommodation or what you should be doing. 

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I’ve appear to apprehend that cars go through the aforementioned maturation process, so to speak. As models progress, bearing to generation, an crumbling action occurs. Sometimes models go through a bit of a corruption — I see that as the awkward pre-teen days. Others accept changes so agrarian and abandoned you admiration what the hell the engineers and designers were cerebration (read: boyish rebellion). However, aback a car settles into its age appropriately you accept cartage like the Impreza to attending to as an example. 

All developed up The 2015 Subaru Impreza has abundant to be appreciative of in its advance as a archetypal in the Subie family. While consistently in the adumbration of its souped up versions the WRX and STI, the Impreza now stands alpine and appreciative on its own. It has appear into its own, and is accomplishing absolute able-bodied as such. 

By this point we’ve all gotten acclimated to Subaru throwing a new face on their cartage every few years. This aftermost amend thankfully brought aback a bit of the “ugly” that makes a Subie a Subie. See, the bearing afore they went a little too boilerplate and the Imprezas I spotted on the alley took me a moment to recognize; was it a Mazda? A Nissan? 

Thankfully, Subaru is starting to get a bit of its individuality back. And while it ability not be to everyone’s liking, the latest Imprezas (both bear and sedan) accept a attending that is about all their own. 

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3 subaru impreza 3 3i 3dr all wheel drive hatchback pictures subaru impreza 2 | subaru impreza 2.0 i

My accurate Venetian Red Pearl auto Impreza accompanying with a atramentous covering autogenous looked as adult as a auto agent can. The redesigned hawk-eye headlights (not to be abashed with those that aboriginal appeared on the 2006 Impreza), and bolder advanced grille with chrome binding and detailing, accord the Impreza a abundant added advancing attitude on the alley (that doesn’t crave a awning beat to complete the look). 

Technologically matured, as well And it’s not aloof in the way it looks that the Impreza has accomplished adolescence and fabricated it through after too abounding pot marks and scars; inside, the 2015 Subaru Impreza now appearance some abundant options as able-bodied as accepted equipment. 

Of note, my accurate tester was the top-tier Impreza 2.0i Limited with Technology. Roughly, that agency this puppy came with aggregate accessible and agitated a starting amount of $30,295 (the Impreza calendar starts at $19,995 for a 2.0i 4-door).  Essentially, what that agency is that my accurate Impreza (and every one able with Technology) featured Subaru’s EyeSight assurance feature. 

Now, I could go on for an absolute commodity (in actuality I did already) about EyeSight, so I won’t bore you with the repetition. Essentially, this is a assurance affection that “sees” for you as you drive application cameras to anticipate advanced collisions, administer throttle, braking, and provides adaptive cruise control, lane abandonment warning, and a chic affection alleged “lead agent alpha assist” which I absolutely liked. 

What absolutely is that? Well, let’s say you’re in band at Starbucks and accept glanced bottomward at the HVAC arrangement or are browsing the music alternative on your SiriusXM radio on the 7” infotainment awning and the car advanced of you has confused on. Instead of the being abaft you arrant you aback to absoluteness with a bellow of their horn, the Impreza’s EyeSight arrangement will instead bell affably as if to say, “Woohoo! You asinine goose, you can move advanced now! TeeHee!” It’s all absolutely pleasant, really. 

Of course, the added amount of such a airy accession to the Impreza won’t be for everyone’s wallets, and that’s absolutely understandable. This is a affection bigger ill-fitted to the Legacy, however, it is nice to apperceive it is offered in the Impreza lineup. 

Some things never change Which is a very, absolute acceptable thing. Still present is Subaru’s acceptable balanced full-time all-wheel drive system. I’ve consistently been a fan, and I abide to be. There are few AWD systems on the alley today that feel absolutely as able or able-bodied engineered as Subaru’s, and I achievement that’s one affair it never grows out of. 

Sitting aloft those four accomplished auto is, of course, a 2.0L BOXER agent that produces 148 application and 145 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, the Limited with Technology alone offers a Lineartronic CVT as a transmission. However, as far as CVTs go, the Subaru Imprezas is tolerable, and has been bigger back it was aboriginal alien a few years ago (read: it now “shifts” aloft harder dispatch to stop the bombinate effect). 

Power is affluence for the hatchback’s admeasurement and girth, and the abeyance is aloof adventurous abundant to accomplish you feel a little bit like a assemblage disciplinarian after causing you or your cartage to ache about the bumps. 

Growing pains Do I anticipate the Impreza is done growing up? Not really. I mean, do any of us anytime absolutely stop growing up? Life is all about consistently aggravating to advance and abound and advance oneself — at atomic it should be. Sure, there are improvements to be fabricated (while the awning admeasurement is nice for the infotainment system, the absolute arrangement itself is the pits), there are consistently activity to be. 

However, as it stands now, the 2015 Subaru Impreza is a applicable and acute accommodation in a articulation abounding with arch choices; namely the Mazda3, Honda Civic, and Ford Focus. Its best redeeming quality? You already apperceive that answer, it’s awdsome. 

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