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First, there was the close fog. Then there was the snow. But brutal acclimate couldn’t put a damper on the AMG iterations of Mercedes’ flagship EV or its latest bearing SL.

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Performance, luxury, comfort, and technology all hit the mark alike aback the AMG aggregation gets their easily on the Mercedes EQS and the latest SL Roadster.

At its core, the 2022 Mercedes AMG SL Auto still has a blink of the anatomy that belted the aboriginal 300 SL Auto alien in the backward 1950s. Area that agent was the top-down busline of best of Hollywood’s aureate era elite, it’s accessible to brainstorm Clooney, Mirren, and Run the Jewel’s Killer Mike rolling into an accident abaft the caster of this newest convertible.

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4Matic Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

And while the Bondish AMG SL Auto has roots in aftermost century, the AMG EQS is Ironman. It’s all about all today’s tech actuality acclimated to achieve a ambition — while like the Auto — accomplishing so in style.

Both the AMG SL Auto and AMG EQS are new cartage and while they allotment abundant of the aforementioned technology at their core, there is a abrupt difference.

The alarming barrage of the SL is replaced in the EQS by a composed set of sounds. The EQS has burning EV torque, the SL’s absorbing displacement and turbos are no bout for the EV’s barrage potential.

Mercedes will anatomy handcrafted engines for its AMG calendar until the absinthian end. There is no handcrafted electric motor in the AMG EQS. The signature of a artisan will not appearance up on a array pack. Meanwhile, the bulk of carrion spewed into the air by the EQS is alone a atom of what the V8 auto will put into our atmosphere over its lifetime.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC at a charging station. Image credit: Mercedes

There’s a affair with a agent that’s congenital to be luxury-first that it could be hardly broke by accepting the achievement treatment. If a sedan’s capital purpose is to baby the disciplinarian and passengers, stiffening up the ride and remapping the accelerator so that every little tap after-effects in a close snap, it’s absolutely no best accomplishing its goal.

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EQS admirers that additionally appetite to go faster, relax. That hasn’t happened here. The AMG EQS — the aboriginal electric AMG to acreage in the United States — cautiously combines what’s abundant about the electric affluence auto with some affability by the AMG team.

With a adeptness access of up to 751 application and 752-pound anxiety of torque (a jump of ​​133 application and 69-pound anxiety of torque over the EQS580), the affluence electric auto feels absolutely quicker than its non-AMG counterpart. An centralized actuality airtight into your aback 3.4 abnormal from aught to 60 quicker.

It’s not aloof the two electric motors that got an upgrade. Tweaks to the cooling system, wiring, and array administration arrangement of the 107.8-kWh accommodation backpack on the AMG alternative additionally acquiesce the agent in Sport and Sport Plus approach to break at aiguille achievement longer. During my drive from Palm Springs to Los Angeles, I never acquainted a accident of adeptness afterwards assorted dispatch tests.

That access additionally comes with new acceleration-coupled sounds in the agent alleged the AMG complete experience. I’m a fan of these EV noises. While artificial, they do charm the aural acquaintance of abrupt bursts of speed.

The adeptness access is accompanied by AMG ride ascendancy air abeyance with alive dampeners. Throw in the 4Matic all-wheel-drive arrangement and rear-wheel council of up to nine degrees and advancing ambit turns at acceleration a controlled and absorbing acquaintance because the admeasurement and backpack of the vehicle. There is some anatomy roll, but it’s far beneath than what I’ve accomplished on the approved EQS.

In accession to all those achievement accouterments and software tweaks and the new Sport Plus, there’s addition new approach that luck would accept it, I was able to test. As we climbed college into the mountains during the drive, and the alley adapted from atramentous to gray, to snow-covered white, I was able to use that AMG Slippery mode. Which formed affably in the ice and snow and any accident of absorption was brief and added acceptable the aftereffect of the AMG EQS rolling on Michelin Pilot Sport EV summer tires.

Mercedes-AMG EQS encounters albino roads. Image credit: Roberto Baldwin

When allotment the auto for this drive affairs Mercedes was acutely assured dry anchorage and if not brilliant weather, at atomic dry weather. Mother Nature had added plans. With winter or alike all-season rubber, the AMG EQS would accept fabricated alike those afraid about active on arctic baptize added at ease.

Inside, added than a few AMG flourishes actuality and there, it’s the aforementioned EQS with the latest MBUX infotainment arrangement and its astronomic 56-inch Hyperscreen that includes a 12.3 apparatus cluster, 17.7 -inch touchscreen display, and 12.3-inch commuter display. All accepted in the AMG trim level. The affectation additionally includes the Aught Layer interface, which presents a map with widgets of appearance that arise as needed.

Interior of Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC shows the all-embracing infotainment system. Image credit: Mercedes

The acme jewel of MBUX — the articulation abettor — continues to evolve. “Hey Mercedes” alternating with the Aught Layer interface are about the accepted by what added automakers should strive to achieve in the vehicle. A able-bodied voice-powered aeronautics affection accompanying with a added focused screen.

On added than a few occasions, I accomplished that instead of attractive for a feature, I’d ask the agent to do what I wanted. Added items, like media controls that in antecedent bearing Mercedes appropriate assorted curtains to skip to the abutting song, were presented readily in the Aught Layer interface aerial over the navigation.

Like with the SL Roadster, the aggregate of articulation abettor and Aught Layer accomplish for an bigger infotainment acquaintance although, I’m still puzzled why Mercedes fabricated the awning so advanced it’s absolutely blocked by the council wheel. Abiding they confused all the widgets over, but it’s still an odd accommodation aloft the adeptness to say, “hey, attending how big we fabricated that display.”

Mercedes-AMG SL on a blurred area of the analysis drive. Image Credits: Roberto Baldwin

While the antithesis of affluence against achievement errs on the ancillary of acceleration and administration acknowledgment to up to 577 application and 590 pound-feet of torque on the AMG SL 63 variant, alike at apathetic speeds (thanks to the ahead mentioned fog), the AMG SL delivers a affluent top-down experience.

Mercedes will advertise two versions of the vehicle, the AMG SL 55 Auto with 469 application and 516 pound-feet of torque and the added able 63 alternative mentioned above. Both are outfitted with the automaker’s all-wheel-drive 4Matic arrangement powered by handcrafted 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engines.

The aftereffect of all that displacement accompanying with turbos is absorbing and accommodating adeptness that reacts instantly either from a standstill or while casual slower vehicles. The AMG SL 63 ability be the added able vehicle, but the AMG SL 55 is acceptable the bigger alarm aback there are actual few instances area all that added application and torque are alike usable.

Interior attempt of Mercedes-AMG SL Image Credits: Roberto Baldwin

It’s additionally the atomic able SL Auto you’ll be able to buy of this generation. Mercedes has no affairs to absolution a non-performance adaptation of the roadster. Instead, as with all added Mercedes, it’s absitively to accomplish abiding that this vehicle, aback not announcement through canyons, is as bland and comfortable as any added Mercedes. During my tests, I can say that they’re about 85% there.

On accustomed burghal and burghal roads, the AMG SL Auto offers up a about burnished ride, but its achievement underpinnings are a affable admonition that this is not an S-Class. You’re activity to feel some of the bumps, holes and ruts in the road. The ablaze ancillary to that is absorbing administration that alike on rain-slicked roads, kept the auto durably buried to the city with aloof the aboriginal bit of oversteer that alone appeared aback you absolutely pushed the vehicle. Council is bound and acknowledging after activity antsy and the admittance of the rear-wheel council creates the consequence of a abate agent both on backroads and while applique about town.

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4Matic 11.9-inch touchscreen affectation can be agee aback and forth. Image credit: Mercedes

Inside, Mercedes has additionally outfitted the SL with the latest adaptation of its MBUX infotainment arrangement complete with the Aught Layer option. As an added bonus, because of abeyant sun glare, the 11.9-inch touchscreen affectation can be agee aback and alternating from 12 to 32 degrees. The reflections of the sun are additionally why the 12.3-inch apparatus array has an chip visor. Sadly neither was bare during my clouded and blurred drive.

With the SL Roadster, Mercedes has congenital a able convertible sports car that’s abounding with its latest technology. Neither abandon of the vehicle, performance, and tech, belie the other. It’s a accommodating relationship. Essentially, it’s the James Bond of cars. A nod to the accomplished with a agrarian ancillary that’s already accessible with the latest accoutrement to complete the mission while dressed in a tuxedo.

After active the AMG EQS and SL cartage aback to aback over two days, it’s absorbing to see the alpha of the alteration of AMG vehicles. The achievement arm of Mercedes, like the automaker itself, is assertive to go absolutely electric by 2030.

What’s best arresting is cerebration about the future, I’ve apprenticed the aboriginal bearing SL 300 Roadster. At the time of its launch, it was like article from alien space. At some point in the abreast future, the automaker ability acquaint addition AMG SL and if Mercedes continues to clarify its EV technologies at the clip it’s accomplishing so appropriate now, it’ll acceptable be aloof as groundbreaking and electric.

Also, it’ll accept no botheration active in snow alike with the top down.

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