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THE NEXT FEW years may be adamantine for Willy, my acquaintance and street-motorsport consigliere. When Willy isn’t powering through a heavy-metal set account on his slack-stringed bass guitar, he is absorbing over his 2016 Subaru WRX STI: the Blue Dragon. All are warned not to blow the Blue Dragon. Don’t alike attending at it.

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Willy has immanentized his eschaton. He has spent bags to array out the Blue Dragon absolutely the way he wants it, to apparent Subie heaven on Earth. Among the changes: The Dragon is currently bubbler a affluent admixture of booze through a Stage 2 kit, so it reeks like a bootlegger’s trunk.

Willy knows that one day, the Dragon will go puff. And he knows that the backup will attending like our analysis car. The 2022 WRX is the fifth architectonics bearing of the moto-cult icon, accumulation the company’s latest all-around architectonics and disciplinarian environment. The fourth-gen WRX had a architectonics lifespan of seven years. So for the foreseeable, this WRX is it.

Willy is not happy. Not. Happy.

Direct quotes would be unproductive; but he has accurate contemptuousness for the exoteric styling, abnormally the arresting wheel-arch cladding, with hexagonal geometry like a stop sign. There are additionally baby strakes in these molded blended $.25 advised to abandon trapped air. Willy isn’t absorbed in Subaru’s evacuations.

“The way Subaru has put this affair calm insists on customization and upgrading.”

Strangely, I acquisition myself affectionate the new WRX added than abounding in its legends-of-hardcore community. First, I accede it a accessory phenomenon of business that these brawny, bawdy, turnkey tuner cars are alike accessible in the U.S. and will be for a few added years.

Styling, schmyling. The way Subaru has put this affair calm allows, alike insists on, customization and upgrading, from splitter to spoiler, turbos to tires, cartoon on a able-bodied all-around aftermarket of warranty-invalidating genitalia and accessories. Slam it, attitude it, backpack the WRX up, safari-style, accomplish it into a door-slamming, alcohol-burning dragster. Like the painter Bob Ross, Subaru believes there are no mistakes, alone blessed accidents.

But it’s absolutely abstract to bandy out transmissions. For the faithful, the best account is that WRX will abide to action the advantage of a geezer-stick: a taut, boxy six-speed chiral chiral with a stitched covering shifter knob, reverse-gear lockout ring, pleather gusset, the works.

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You may accept wondered why auto makers chock-full alms chiral transmissions. It wasn’t artlessly crumbling customer demand. In the case of exotics like Ferraris and Corvettes, single-plate clamp designs couldn’t accumulate up with the increases in agent power. Manually confused cars are additionally beneath quick to advance than their agnate with robo-gear shifters. As a result, they are bedridden in covering achievement metrics like 0-60 mph and ¼-mile times. Bad for marketing.

In fact, the WRX with the CVT automated is about a half-second quicker to 60 mph than the one adopted by motorheads.

The big bridle for automakers is the hit to federal CAFE numbers. Chiral chiral cars about get lower ammunition breadth than their automatic-equipped twins; so the beneath automakers sell, the bigger their numbers—none actuality best.

In the case of the culty WRX, Subaru didn’t absolutely accept the option. For agenda year 2021, 95% of these cars were ordered with a chiral transmission, the accomplished take-rate in the industry. That was a abbreviate meeting.

Willy—whose car is putting out a affable 320 hp to the wheels—tells me abounding in the association accede the new car underpowered. The 2.4-liter, direct-injected, angular against four-cylinder peaks at 271 hp at 5,600 rpm, aloof 3 hp added than the approachable version.

To them I say, Dude: drive the competition, like Hyundai Veloster N or Mini Hardtop. The WRX is a gutsy, tire-withering acceleration monster, appropriate out of the box. Breathing with the aid of a twin-scroll turbocharger and e-controlled wastegate, the collapsed four is anytime alert, consistently answering the call, abbreviation turbo lag to article you acclimated to anguish about.

Peak torque (258 lb-ft) arrives aboriginal and stays late, from 2,000-5,200 rpm. That is abundant to actuate the 3,320-pound accumulation to 60 mph in about 5 seconds, after disproportionate histrionics. Aloof antic it. And that’s afore you Frankenstein the agent ascendancy code.

As you let the WRX off the chain, you activate to acknowledge the blow of the formula, starting with the adamant all-wheel drive system, with alive torque vectoring and low centermost of gravity. These are abundant little cars. Some of WRX’s added alien hardware—like the disciplinarian controlled centermost differential—will acceptable affection in after achievement models.

This WRX’s dynamics options accommodate a Track mode, should you appetite to go swishing about alone parking lots, and who doesn’t?

Our car came shod with summer achievement tires, to which I alone myself with abundant pleasure. But brainstorm what this actual accessible auto could do, what feats of boldness it could achieve, with a chiral chiral and a set of brindled winter tires. You could leave the Sno-Cat in the garage.

Even admitting it’s adapted over a new, added adamant belvedere aggregate with the blow of the company, the WRX’s autogenous ambit are alone hardly roomier, although the dressmaking and abstracts represent a footfall up. The bloated fenders advice accentuate the car’s added stance. With a appear 28% access in torsional stiffness, the WRX does feel absolutely solid, but so did the aftermost one.

The 2022 reboot incorporates revisions to the car’s front-strut abeyance as able-bodied as a dual-pinion affiliation to the electrically assisted rack. The adenoids advance beautifully through corners. Council inputs fabricated in alacrity are answered in kind. Pretty able-bodied brakes, too.

Willy cares not for blow screens. Alas, the next-gen WRX will accept them. In the Premium models, the awning is mega: 11.6-inch on the diagonal, with icons the admeasurement of Mahjong tiles and madness-inducing graphics.

Willy says he’ll try to adapt. Until then, continued alive the Blue Dragon.

Price as tested: $31,000 (est.)

Powertrain: Turbocharged 2.4-liter direct-injection flat-four engine, with capricious valve timing; six-speed chiral transmission; full-time all-wheel drive with automated torque vectoring

Length/width/height/wheelbase: 183.8/79.3/57.8/105.2 inches

Power/torque: 271 hp at 5,600 rpm/258 lb-ft at 2,000-5,200 rpm

Curb weight: 3,320 pounds

0-60 mph: 5.5 abnormal (est.)

EPA estimated ammunition economy: 19/26/22 city/highway/combined

Luggage capacity: 12.5 cubic feet

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