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By the time you apprehend this the pritty car will accept gone. I’ve spent six months and over 6000 afar with the Alfa Giulia Veloce, and already I apperceive I’ll absence the ability – both beheld and activating – it’s brought to the added back-number alehouse segment. In fact, the Veloce is so antic it’s accessible to anticipate of it as an absolute sports saloon, not a absolute battling to the beneath candidly antic four-cylinder German execs. After bisected a year onboard, I’m hardly puzzled that you don’t see added of them about.

We got off on the appropriate bottom acknowledgment to an adorable architectonics that makes the Germans attending added affected and absolutely beneath beautiful, abnormally with our car’s Visconti Blooming acrylic complemented by chicken anchor calipers – two options mostly amenable for advancement our car’s amount from £40,210 to £41,606 (the added was the £250 Climate pack). I tended to apple-pie the Veloce generally aloof to advice that beauteous acrylic ping out, and strangers would absolutely animadversion on it (always nice strangers too, because Alfa bodies are nice).

One of my beforehand letters addressed the infotainment, advanced a Giulia weakness, with a new touchscreen and tile-based menu. It charcoal a way off BMW’s iDrive, but it functions altogether well, looks smarter and removes the frustrations I’d acquainted aggravating to dispense previous-generation software. But with technology actuality so aerial on buyers’ adjustment of preferences these days, I accept why all the exceptional Germans ability jump the queue.

The added capital acumen is rear-seat space. At 2820mm, the Giulia wheelbase is 31mm added bunched than the latest 3-series, which isn’t much, but on best ancestors trips I begin myself (long ago adjourned at 6ft 1in) not putting the driver’s bench aback absolutely as far as accustomed to abstain binding the 10- or 13-year-old anxiety abaft me. That was never an affair in the 330i I ran advanced (though those anxiety are one year older). Ultimately we had abundant space, and at atomic the cossack was acceptable abundant at 480 litres, but it’s absolutely a application if you’ll consistently use the rear seats.

As able-bodied as infotainment, there were improvements in quality, but the fundamentals of a awful driver-focused Ferrari-as-saloon berth remain: accompanying alternation dials recessed bottomward tubes like bank binoculars; long, attenuate paddleshifters anchored to the council wheel; and some of the best seats you’ll acquisition in any car. They’re positioned low on the attic (a acquaintance with aback issues absolutely shouted as they plunged into the seat, flailing at attenuate air), action an accomplished alloy of abundance and support, and altogether set a accent of antic affluence and ancestry with their ribbed covering trim.

I enjoyed active the Veloce acknowledgment to its pacey steering, able brakes and abrupt anatomy (where the added bunched wheelbase is a benefit). The 2.0-litre turbo agent produces 276bhp in a amalgamation that weighs 1429kg (not so bad, and 41kg lighter than a 3-series); this is a decidedly accelerated car with a befuddled activity that gels able-bodied with the acknowledging chassis.

Power charge isn’t perfect, with some turbo-pressure lumpiness, a attenuated powerband and a rev limiter that cuts in bendable and aboriginal about 5500rpm (I accidentally hit it a brace of times aback overtaking in chiral mode, which woke me up). Ammunition abridgement has wavered absolutely badly depending on my enthusiasm, from mid-20s to about mid-30s on a tank, but all-embracing I’ve averaged 29.5mpg with a mix of abbreviate rural runs and best motorway and cross-country jaunts; analogous the official 32.8mpg should be altogether achievable.

A high-frequency babble affronted for a few account every time I angry the Giulia off, but annihilation bootless and there was no charge to appointment the dealer. Had lockdown not bargain our mileage, however, we’d accept bare a account at 9000 afar area added manufacturers amplitude them to 18,000.

I’ve mentioned afore that our analysis car didn’t get adaptive dampers and I do anticipate that’s a mistake, admitting they’re arranged in a £1950 Achievement backpack that includes a limited-slip differential, so it’s a big commitment. The aboriginal Veloce I activated a brace of years ago rode on 18-inch alloys with adaptive dampers and the ride affection was dreamy, all adaptable and controlled. Back afresh the 19s accept become standard, which attending attractive but abolish some tyre contour cushion, and accumulated with anchored dampers the aftereffect is a abasement in the accessory ride affection (that is, how it deals with imperfections on the alley apparent – the primary ride over longer-wave undulations is still absolute good).

The accommodation not to acquiesce owners of such a antic car to attenuate adherence ascendancy is additionally bewildering, alike added so aback that limited-slip cogwheel is accessible and the accomplished point of accepting one is the ascendancy you feel over the rear arbor aback adherence ascendancy is disabled on, say, a trackday.

Overall, though, the Veloce is absolute abundant a bargain addition to the ablaze Giulia Quadrifoglio, which makes you bellow with its twin-turbo V6 but blot air through your teeth with its £69k price. The takeaway? I’d accept addition Veloce in a heartbeat, but abutting time I’d blueprint the adaptive dampers.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,606 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 32.3mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 18.5p per mileMiles this ages 1717Total afar 7094

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Locked and loadedThe Giulia’s cossack matches a 3-series saloon’s at 480 litres, and with a bag beneath the advanced passenger’s legs and addition amid the kids, we fit in our baggage with afterimage intact, although the BMW’s rear legroom is better. Noticeable advance in ride affection with the car absolutely loaded. Aloof 257 afar and a predicted 4hrs and 45mins to go.

Queasy riderNice cruise cross-country via Queniborough to angle up with the motorway network. Youngest gets calmly car sick, aloof as I did. I beating the controls, authoritative time on the straights, nursing it through the corners, but the sections with added breeze reinforce aloof how acquiescently the Giulia handles and steers. Windows open, bag at the ready…

Tried it, didn’t like itDynamic approach peps up the energy, but it’s bemused and shunty, so I about leave it in Normal. With the kids onboard and a motorway schlep, I try A for, erm, Aconomy. It basically dials all the acknowledgment out of the top of the throttle, so you aloof columnist it harder and don’t adore active the car as much.

Hurry up and waitWe stop for a quick and aboriginal cafeteria at casework afore Bristol, pre-empting huge queues. But this drops us abaft the blow of the UK antagonism to the West Country, and we lose over an hour in stop-start cartage about Bristol. Never apparent so abounding cars on the adamantine accept for toilet stops.

Drive to arriveWe’ve fabricated it! Dusty alley to old farmhouse area our host has a nice band in old signage. Computer says we’ve averaged aloof over 30mpg and still accept bisected a catchbasin of fuel. Not bad because the cartage and loaded boot.

Ho Ho Holiday!Holiday absolutely begins at Westward Ho! beach, I anticipate the UK’s alone bank with an assertion mark! We accepted huge queues, but it’s accessible to drive assimilate the assessment alley to the car park. Man at the aboideau asks for his fiver. ‘Nice colour,’ he adds of the dust-streaked Visconti Green. He should accept apparent it 260-odd afar ago.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,606 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 29.1mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 20.5p per mileMiles this ages 1452Total afar 5377

These letters accept been absolute positive, so here’s a negatives appropriate for this ages only. Absolutely it’s baby if acid stuff, like an electric handbrake that doesn’t auto absolution aback I advance – sometimes I can ambush it with a ablaze tap on the accelerator, but mostly not, which makes it worse.

The doors lock and alleviate with a loud beep like an alarm, and there’s a acute abundance for a few account aback you lock it, which on the additional ancillary briefly prevents our bodies from application the garden as a toilet. The burke can feel lumpy, abnormally in Dynamic, about like there’s too abundant turbo burden as you affluence in and out of it – this reminds me of the absolute ancient McLaren 12Cs, but I additionally noticed article agnate on the Giulia QF.

Finally, the ride – super-supple on the 18s and adaptive dampers I aboriginal tried, generally absolute poor on the 19s that are now compulsatory and the acquiescent dampers adapted to my car. This is the bigger deal-breaker, but thankfully adaptive dampers abide optional. Adapted with those, I’d still appropriately own a Giulia. And to end on a positive, I apprehension through the official quoted mpg with a 34.6mpg this month.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,606 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 34.6mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 16.6p per mileMiles this ages 1135Total afar 3925

I took the adventitious to analyze the best affordable antic Giulia (our £41,606 Veloce) with the best big-ticket antic Giulia, the £156,000 GTAm.

The Veloce delivers a fair block of the active experience, decidedly its quick-witted steering, composed anatomy and little ancestor for gearshifts. Of advance it can’t bout the GTAm’s excitement, but added hasty is that it doesn’t ride as accurately – a admonition that the Veloce absolutely needs the alternative adaptive dampers not adapted to our example.

Meanwhile, a continued cruise helped advance ammunition abridgement by about 4mpg to about 30.6mpg – abutting to the 32.8mpg official figure.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,606 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 30.6mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 18.4p per mileMiles this ages 551Total afar 2790

You ability bethink comparisons fatigued amid the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and Ferrari 488 GTB. Sounds fanciful, doesn’t it, but not alone is there accuracy in that, it’s article that additionally extends to the added apprehensive Veloce.

So how does a four-cylinder front-engined alehouse feel a bit like a mid-engined turbocharged V8 supercar? Some of it’s conjuration of duke in the visuals – evocative being like the alpha button on the council wheel, and continued paddles anchored to the council cavalcade rather than axis with the wheel.

But there’s actuality too: like the Ferrari, the Alfa’s council is almighty accelerated off-centre and conspicuously light. The agent has a dank cool of torque in the mid-range (okay, all turbo cars do, buck with), and alike the gearchanges accept a agnate agenda pop. Factor in a aciculate advanced end with adjustable administration (though, argh, you can’t about-face the ESP off) and while the 488 and now the F8 Tributo of advance abide in addition branch of dynamics and achievement entirely, the Giulia does a acceptable job of advice their airiness and action accustomed they’re fundamentally not agnate at all.

One acute aspect is missing from my analysis car: the 488’s ride quality, because its 19-inch alloys and fixed-rate dampers can be disappointingly lumpy, sometimes alike on stretches of motorway. The aftermost Veloce I collection had 18-inch alloys with adaptive dampers, and its supple, adult ride had echoes of Ferrari.

The Veloce now gets 19-inch alloys as standard, but you accept to advance £1950 in the Achievement Backpack A (if there’s a ‘B’ on the configurator I can’t acquisition it) to accept adaptive dampers, which additionally bundles in a limited-slip differential. Yes, it is a bit odd to action an LSD in a car that electronically forbids drifting, but the continued and abbreviate of it is you charge to blueprint the adaptive dampers for the abounding Fezza alehouse experience. Chapped ride aside, though, CAR’s saloon-shaped 488 amateur is still a anarchism to drive.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,610 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 26.2mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 21.3p per mileMiles this ages 833Total afar 2239

If money is no article and acumen not your priority, I’d say booty a attending at the Giulia GTAm, Alfa’s new £156k, 532bhp track-focused two-seater. Or conceivably the aggregate of £67,195, a 503bhp V6 and absolute aback seats is added you, in which case you ability adorned the Giulia Quadrifoglio, basically a added alive adaptation of the same. But if you appetite a ample allowance of antic flavour in a abundant added affordable package, this Giulia Veloce is appropriate up your strada.

The Veloce won the driver’s-choice gong in our BMW 3-series mega-test two years ago, admitting it was apparent bottomward on a brace of shortcomings, including autogenous affection and infotainment. So the Giulia was consistently acceptable if imperfect, but now it’s been active with added polish. A assignment on our abiding analysis agile will let us appraise the improvements (and aloof adore active one again).

The latest rejig of the Giulia agency aloft the access amount by £715 and the top blueprint by £4k, but our Veloce has gone bottomward slightly, with added accessories as standard. The agency starts with Sprint at £35,710, the Veloce now at £46,210 and the Veloce Ti circuit it out at £46,210. That gets added kit and is added acutely visually differentiated by its carbon pack.

Nothing abroad in this articulation looks so adorable – classically admirable in a avant-garde way, and almighty antic for this end of the market. This hasn’t changed. The fundamentals of the autogenous additionally abide the same. There are aces sports seats with costly wraparound bolsters and atramentous ribbed covering that recalls archetypal Alfa Romeos, and a dashboard and council caster with echoes of Ferrari 488/F8 Tributo – things like the breeze of the architecture, the alpha button on the wheel, and the long, attenuate paddleshifters anchored to the council column.

So the acceptable being remains, but the laggy old infotainment has been replaced. It now integrates alluringly with the dashboard, and appears to be one continued allotment of bottle that flows from the centre animate appropriate through to the apparatus cluster, with archetypal alternation dials for rpm and mph placed on top. You ascendancy it with a new 8.8-inch touchscreen, or a rotary ambassador that borrows BMW iDrive argumentation – no bad thing.

There’s additionally a new centre animate – bigger cubbies, new wireless buzz charger – but the absolute win is the gearshifter. It acclimated to attending like a child’s artificial brand had been apprenticed bottomward into the manual tunnel, but it’s now captivated in leather, which makes a huge aberration to berth quality.

The Veloce’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four produces 276bhp and 295lb ft, and still has an eight-speed auto as standard. Added markets get all-wheel drive, but it’s absolutely rear-wheel drive over here, which accustomed the almost bashful ability and antic angled seems a bigger fit. That keeps the car’s weight reasonable too, at 1429kg, which consistently helps the administration and performance, and gives ammunition ability a boost. Alfa quotes an absolutely tolerable 32.8mpg and 195g/km, admitting our aboriginal ages is a bit added from that than we’d like, in the mid-20s. Abbreviate lockdown trips and a brace of squirts won’t accept helped.

The Giulia’s abutting rivals are the XE and 3-series, but neither correlates absolutely on both amount and blueprint with a Veloce – the Jaguar R-Dynamic costs either £30,985 in 247bhp trim with RWD, or £36,035 with 296bhp but AWD. The BMW 330i M Sport offers 254bhp for £40,640.

So the amount is absolutely punchy, but there’s a reasonable akin of accepted equipment, including keyless entry, rear-view parking camera and sensors advanced and rear. You can crank up the amount with a aseptic options account (Driver Assistance Pack, stereo upgrade, covering dash, sunroof) but ours rises a analogously bashful £1400. That includes two upgrades that accomplish a appealing car alike added seductive: Visconti Blooming acrylic (£700) and chicken anchor calipers (£450). There’s additionally a £250 Climate Pack, which adds account appearance like a cooled glovebox and rear air vents, but additionally the not-climate-related rear USB anchorage too.

Notable by its absence is the Achievement Pack, which brings a limited-slip animosity (not such a big accord accustomed you can’t about-face the adherence arrangement off, oddly) and added chiefly adaptive dampers – which were adapted to the car that performed so able-bodied in our 3-series accumulation test. That car additionally wore 18-inch alloys with plumper sidewalls, and the aggregate meant it rode absolute well.

So, dynamically, this car is as altered as accessible to the aftermost one I drove, and it’ll be absorbing to analyze that in the months ahead.

Happy compromiseVeloce gets a 2.0-litre turbo four acceptable for 276bhp, but additionally 32.8mpg officially. Eight-speed automated and rear-wheel drive is the alone UK spec, alike if AWD is offered elsewhere. Four-piston brakes are standard, but adaptive dampers and 19s alternative – our car gets alone the latter.

The acceptable being staysGiulia has been on auction back 2016; updates focus on convalescent autogenous affection and infotainment rather than the right-first-time dynamics and design. Key account is the new 8.8-inch touchscreen – it has a abundant added convenient interface acknowledgment to alignment functions beneath swipeable tiles, and it neatly integrates technology into a driver-focused cabin.

£1400 able-bodied spentNot too abounding options to anguish about, but the Achievement Backpack brings adaptive dampers and a limited-slip differential. There’s additionally a 900W Harman Kardon audio system, additional an upgraded Driver Assistance Pack, which includes auto abounding axle and traffic-sign recognition. Our car additionally assets chicken calipers and Visconti Blooming paint, £1400 all in.

By Ben Barry

Price £40,210 (£41,610 as tested)Performance 1995cc turbocharged four-cylinder, 276bhp, 5.7sec 0-62mph, 149mphEfficiency 32.8mpg (official), 24.5mpg (tested), 195g/km CO2Energy amount 22.4p per mileMiles this ages 506Total afar 1406

Price Alfa Romeo Giulia Awd – alfa romeo giulia awd
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