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If we attending at the auto as an aeon of time, its 135-year history represents a sliver of our planet’s chronicle. Yet aback Carl Benz was issued a apparent for a “vehicle powered by a gas engine,” he could not accept fathomed the appulse it would accept on the animal race. In 1903, Dutch brothers Hendrik and Jacobus Spijker took the abstraction added by accumulation a four-wheel-drive arrangement into their Spyker 60 roadster. Spin the alarm advanced through the abutting few decades and there were abundant brands that landed with a big splash, alone to bore into oblivion. Those that survived were able to acclimate to alteration economies, affected challenges, and reinvent themselves aback needed. This year marks the 8oth ceremony of one such brand, whose offerings accept circumnavigated the globe, set Guinness Apple Records, fought in wars, and alike been accustomed with allowance to save the planet from tyranny. As 2021 comes to a close, we are ceremony Jeep, the seven-slot brand, by delving into its aboriginal eight decades and attractive advanced as it prepares for the hurdles of the future.

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To accept the abysmal assurance of a cast like Jeep, we charge to go aback added than a aeon and appointment two adolescent entrepreneurs. In 1903, Claud Cox, an architect with the Standard Wheel Aggregation who had advised the Overland motorcar, launched his own business aback his employer pulled the bung on its auto ambitions. The apprentice business struggled for several years, and Cox was destined for defalcation aback a bike salesman from New York called John North Willys intervened. After witnessing a horseless carrying and the action it generated, Willys knew that the auto would eventually cede the bike obsolete.

Willys addled a accord with Cox—paying $10,000 for 51% allotment of the company—and formed his abracadabra with creditors, employees, and suppliers to accumulate them in the game. By 1908 the new Willys-Overland aggregation had awash added than 500 automobiles and angry a handsome profit. In abbreviate adjustment it had outgrown its architecture and bare a new home. They landed in Toledo, Ohio, a accommodation that prompted Cox to resign. By 1916, the brand’s acceptability for affection positioned the Overland Archetypal 38 as the additional acknowledged car in the country. Fast advanced through the booming 1920s, agitated 1930s, and the casual of John Willys in 1933, and America was gearing up for its assured access into Apple War II.

The United States government knew the accessible war would be like no other. Horse-drawn howitzers were a affair of the accomplished and its canaille active of adapted Archetypal Ts would be no bout for Germany’s Wehrmacht. A appeal was issued to all US auto manufacturers to aftermath a ablaze assay agent that had four-wheel drive, a fold-down windshield, advised beneath than 1300 pounds, and could backpack a aggregation of three. And the kicker…they capital absolutely activity prototypes in aloof 50 days. Bantam Motors and Willys-Overland responded, followed by Ford (under the affirmation of the government).

The fruits of their agitated efforts rendered the Bantam BRC, Ford Pygmy, and Willys Quad. Prototypes were evaluated in several circuit of tire-to-tire acreage testing, followed by an adjustment for 1500 added units. Aback the dust settled, it was the Willys Quad and its able Go Devil engine—named so because it would “Go like the Devil”—that accustomed Uncle Sam’s nod of approval. During the war years, Willys produced 363,000 MA and MB models, while Ford, beneath authorization application Willys specifications, bogus added than 280,000.

There accept been abounding bivouac debates on area the Jeep moniker came from. Some affirmation it was argot for General Purpose agent (GP), while others altercate it sprung from a gravity-defying appearance in the 1930s Popeye cartoon, “Eugene the Jeep.” Whatever the origin, by the end of Apple War II the apple had accustomed this appellation and Jeep became allotment of the all-embracing lexicon.

As accord settled, the Jeep, which had been deployed on six continents, had become accustomed as the agent that helped win the war. Surplus units were awash at bargain to farmers, outdoorsmen, and adventurers, and the government accustomed Willys to aftermath the MB for the customer markets. It was dubbed the CJ-2A (Civilian Jeep), and its active suspension, amphitheater design, and accurate backbone fabricated an accessible alteration from the advanced curve to acreage and stream. It would additionally accommodate afflatus for dozens of Jeep models for the abutting 75 years.

Extending its ability in 1947, licensing was additionally accustomed to several all-embracing automakers, some of which abide to aftermath vintage-style Willys to this day. Its commonsensical architecture and abidingness additionally prompted several manufacturers to aftermath about identical knockoffs.

Spinning the alarm advanced into the backward ‘40s and 1950s, and the brand’s accretion by Kaiser Automobiles, Jeep connected on its self-directed path. Focusing on the needs of the asperous individualist, it would advance cartage for ancestors camping, advancing acreage and blaze trucks, and adventurous bank cruisers.

A ceremony of Jeep’s 80th ceremony would not be complete after highlighting the cartage that fabricated it what it is today. Here we go, the end of Apple War II to the about-face of the 21st century.

1945 Jeep CJ-2A

After the end of Apple War II, the success of the MB prompted Willys-Overland to focus on Jeeps and bead its auto lines. The CJ-2A featured beyond headlights, softer springs, and assorted blush options. By its phase-out in 1949 in lieu of the CJ-3A and 3B, added than 200,000 had formed out of the Toledo accomplishment plant.

1946 Willys Wagon

One can altercate that the Willys Wagon, advised by the allegorical Brook Stevens, was the originalsport account vehicle. It had two rows of seating, allowance for four, and burden in the back. During the abutting 18 years it underwent assorted architecture changes, engines, and drivetrain systems, including the accession of 4wd in 1949. The Willys wagon became an American figure of backcountry ancestors adventures.

1947 Willys Pickup

With pickups acceptable anytime popular, it was time for a Willys Truck. This asperous haulerwould adore an 18-year administration afore actuality retiredin 1965.

1948 Jeepster

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Another Brook Stevens design, the Jeepster was a bit added luxurious, sportier, and car-like than its brethren, and targeted the bank cruiser and country club crowd. While its basic were adopted from the Willys Wagon, it featured bendable touches such as whitewall tires, sun visors, wind wings, and a convertible top.

1955 CJ-5

After Kaiser purchased Willys-Overland in 1953, they rebranded the Korean War era M38-A1 for the noncombatant market. The admired CJ-5 became the longest active Jeep archetypal to date, spanning 29 years, abundant wars, 4-bangers, 6-bangers, and V8s, and anatomy upgrades. By the end of assembly added than 600,000 units had been delivered worldwide.

1963 Gladiator Pickup

One of the best coveted Jeeps (if you can acquisition one), the full-size J Alternation pickups became the crammer of the farm, road, and trail. Their advancing forward-raked advanced blow may not accept been aerodynamic, but it was appealing accursed cool. It was additionally beefed up with a 1.25-ton appraisement for aggressive use and appointed the M715.

1963 Wagoneer

If the Willys Wagon was the aboriginal SUV, the Wagoneer took things to the abutting akin in luxury. Sparring with the CJ-5, it too was produced for 29 years and had little competition. Based on the J alternation auto chassis, it was accessible in two or four doors, had emphasis lighting, woodgrain panels, an automated transmission, and engines alignment from the Tornado six butt to a fire-breathing 401 V8. It would additionally be the afflatus for its abate ancestors the Cherokee XJ and Grand Cherokee.

1976 CJ-7

As artery speeds added and cartage became bigger, the apple capital a added abiding and beyond Jeep. AMC followed clothing by addition the CJ-5 10 inches and rebranding it as the CJ-7. There were attenuate changes to the anatomy and powertrains, but it proudly agitated the banderole until its retirement in 1986 as the aftermost of the CJ line.

1986 Wrangler

The Wrangler took over area the CJ larboard off, and has been with us in assorted forms for 35 years. Variants accept included the YJ, TJ, JK, and the new JL, but the best cogent advancement for the off-road absent was the addition of the coil-sprung TJ in 1996, the Rubicon in 2003, and four-door in 2007.


As with any brand, Jeep has had a few humdingers. The Advanced Control (FC) was addition conception of the allegorical Brook Stevens, but its cab-over architecture was anarchistic for the day and accustomed with alloyed reviews.


And lest we balloon the FJ Fleetvan. Produced from 1961 to 1976, this pug-nosed van came in a array of flavors and fabricated its mark as a right-hand-drive (RHD)postal commitment vehicle. Jeep additionally went postal with the DJ-5A, or Dispatch Jeep. Based on the CJ-5, it had a sliding ancillary aperture and Powerglide automated transmission, and forth with the Fleetvan was the alone RHD Jeep offered in North America.

The Willys cast was eventually acquired by a connected assumption of ancestor companies alignment from Kaiser to Fiat. Anniversary took their about-face at amalgamating the cast with their own, but Jeep was altered than annihilation they had experienced. It had accurate all-around identity, a adherent following, and bulldog-stubborn management. Through recessions, oil embargos, bazaar crashes, all-around bread-and-butter pressures, and wars, the cast connected to coin advanced with about autonomy.

Interestingly, if we attending aback to 1920, Walter P. Chrysler had been commissioned by a accumulation of bankers to advice restructure Willys (which was branch for defalcation again). Although he adulterated a accomplishment attack to bend out John Willys, the aggregation he after formed, the Chrysler Corporation, would eventually acquirement American Motors and the Jeep cast from Renault.

Courtesy of Mark A. Smith Off Road

While it is frequently accustomed that the Willys helped win the war, Jeeps accept undertaken some of the best incredible, inspiring, and absurd expeditions on record. They accept traversed alien chastening of Africa, anesthetized through countries abounding accept never heard of, apprenticed through the world’s densest jungles, and alike beyond oceans. We activate this adventure of analysis with the allegorical Connected Ambit Arid Group.

1943 Connected Ambit Arid Group

As a artefact of the Apple War II efforts, the aboriginal Jeeps, or Ford GPWs, were deployed in North Africa to action the Axis Alliance. Laden with apparatus accoutrements and abundance of ammunition, they sneaked in abaft adversary curve for arrest and recce missions.

1948 Half Safe

One of the best absorbing aboriginal Jeep expeditions was undertaken by Australian Ben Carlin. Aerodynamics a 1942 Ford GPA amphibian, Carlin and his wife Elenore set off from Halifax, Canada, on a ambit of the globe. It took Carlin three co-drivers and 10 years to complete a adventure of 63,000 afar on acreage and 17,000 afar by sea.

1953 Jeepers Jamboree

Mark A. Smith and a accumulation of accompany in Georgetown, California, organized a Jeep cruise on the Rubicon Aisle to advice addition the town’s billowing economy. Little did they apperceive their apprentice accident would ultimately be nicknamed “The Granddaddy of Jeep Trips” and their hometown aisle would become accustomed the apple over.


Helen and Frank Schreider traversed the Americas from Alaska to the tip of South America in an amphibian Ford GPA called La Tortuga. They would go on to undertake abundant expeditions about the apple for the National Geographic Society—usually at the captain of La Tortuga.

1958 Singapore to England Overland

Roy Follows and Noel Dudgeon spent a year aerodynamics their Willys, a British surplus assemblage from the war efforts in Burma, from Singapore to London.

1969 East West Australia

Ian McDonald and his baby aggregation fabricated the aboriginal east-to-west bridge of the Simpson Arid as allotment of a 6,000-mile campaign from Cape Byron to Steep Point.

1978 Expedicion de las Americas

With bristles banal CJ-7s, Mark A. Smith and a baby aggregation fabricated the aboriginal bottomless bridge of the abominable Darien Gap amid Panama and Colombia during their 21,000-mile campaign from the tip of South America to the tip North America.

1982 Jeep Jamboree USA

Mark Smith’s eyes to actualize an all-embracing Jeep ability prompted him to barrage Jeep Jamboree USA. In the advancing decades, he broadcast the accident agenda to accommodate dozens of Jamboree contest about the world.

1984-1989 A Apple Odyssey

Loren and Patty Upton set a Guinness Apple Almanac for the longest four-wheel drive adventure by auto in a 1966 CJ-5 called Sand Ship Discovery. The adventure included the aboriginal all-land abandoned bridge of the Darien Gap.

2019 East-West Australia

In 2019, columnist Chris Collard and administrator Ben Davidson auspiciously re-created East-West Australia in ceremony of its 50th anniversary, which included aboriginal 1969 campaign associates Ian McDonald and John Eggleston.

Chris Collard

Our 80-year timeline puts Jeep beneath the awning of Kaiser, AMC, Renault, Chrysler, Daimler-Benz, Fiat, and now Stellantis. There accept been some asperous spells, but the cast prevailed in the attendance of reorganizations, acquisitions, down-sizing, up-scaling, and all-around bazaar meltdowns. Like the soldiers it has agitated into battle, it is a survivor, bound alone to its appearance of bearing rough-and-ready machines and assurance to prevail.

Chris Collard

Chris Collard

While Jeep’s accepted offerings ambit from new uber-opulent Grand Wagoneer to the bunched Renegade, we charge to accord a bark out to the Wrangler Rubicon, Gladiator Mojave, and Grand Cherokee. In anniversary case, these models accept authentic the high boundaries of capability, arid performance, and comfortable appointments.

Chris Collard

For added than a decade, Jeep’s architecture aggregation has reaffirmed their adherence to the brand’s DNA via its anniversary active of Moab concepts. Anniversary represents a archetypal from a altered era, melded calm with avant-garde powertrains and artistic cues from their predecessors. Behold the Five-Quarter 715, Sarge J8, Mighty FC, and Jeepster Bank Commando.

Chris Collard

Jeep Taglines Through the Decades1945:Like a Bat out of Hell1959:Anywhere, Anytime, Any Job1963:Great Fun in a New Fashion1965:The Unstoppable Jeep Gladiator1970:Classic Beauty in a 4-Wheel Drive1971:The One That Goes Area Others Can’t1974:Built for the Fun of Real Adventure1977:We Wrote the Book on 4-Wheel Drive1983:Why Drive a Car Aback You Can Drive a Jeep1990:There’s Alone One Jeep2004:Trail Rated

The auto industry is currently in a accompaniment of flux, and will be in the accountable future. But how does that attending for the cast that created the off-road genre?We afresh sat in on a affair with Jeep’s top assumption to apprehend what’s in abundance for the advancing decades. Based on all-around activity and ecology concerns, it was no abruptness aback they accepted the approaching will be electrifying…as in hybrids, abounding EVs, and bogus intelligence. The 49-mpg Wrangler 4xe amalgam is rolling out as we speak, and their plan is to accept zero-emission options for all artefact curve by 2025. Jeep is additionally committed to accepting 70 percent of its sales common be electrified in some way in the abutting four years.

Other aggressive goals accommodate free driving, biometric buyer recognition, vehicle-to-vehicle charging, and bombinate pairing…for the ultimate selfies. This account of accelerated developments in high-tech electrification begs the question: Can Jeep do all of this while advancement its allegorical capability?

As for John North Willys’ adventurous accommodation to move the aggregation to Ohio in 1908? Although the aboriginal bulb was decommissioned and operations confused beyond town, Jeep should be appreciative that added than a aeon later, bags of seven-slot grills can still be formed Fabricated in Toledo. Things assume to accept formed out.

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