Price, Design And Review 2023 Dodge Durango Srt

The agent is such an aberrant monstrosity, such an base perversion, that Dodge was alone able to action the Durango Hellcat for auction for a distinct year. Whether this was absolutely bottomward to the “lawyers and bean counters” at Chrysler not admiring the abstraction of a Hellcat-powered Durango, as was claimed at Dodge’s acknowledge aftermost year, is anyone’s guess.

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Whatever the reason, the Hellcat trim will be bare on the Durango in 2022 … and is apparently dematerialization from all Dodge models afterwards 2023.

And back the 2021 Durango Hellcat is technically awash out, this monster is alike added ambiguous — an alike added aberrant and aberrant sight.

The Dodge Durango Hellcat is a 710-horsepower aberration of nature, continuing in affront of god and man.

And I adulation it to pieces.

Not aloof because of its accolades. Sure, the Durango Hellcat is the best able SUV in the world. But that’s aloof trivia.

I anticipate you accept to adjudicator a agent on whether or not it succeeds at the job (or jobs) it’s meant to do. And the Dodge Durango Hellcat is absolutely amazing because it succeeds at the two things it sets out to do.

It is both a abundant ancestors SUV, and a ludicrous, borderline-terrifying beef car. And it hasn’t had to do abundant compromising of either acquaintance to accomplish the other.

In its role as a ancestors SUV, there are alone two absolute drawbacks of the Hellcat trim. First is the laughably abhorrent gas breadth — I begin it difficult, alike while behaving myself, to accomplish annihilation bigger than an boilerplate of 17L/100 km. Second, there is noticeable, added noise, beating and acerbity over the accepted SRT 392 model. The agent acclaim all-overs a little at idle. It additionally all-overs hardly and drones a bit from apathetic rolls. The suspension, in every setting, is atrociously stiff, abnormally for what is declared to be a big, comfortable SUV. The 392 adaptation is about a Rolls-Royce compared to the Hellcat.

But honestly? I could affliction less. Those are accessory concessions, abnormally back you accede the Durango Hellcat’s added advancing supercharger setup, beyond x-pipe with 4-inch bankrupt outlet, distinctively acquainted manual and antagonism abeyance with adaptive damping — an advancement over the 392’s accepted achievement suspension.

Further animate its role as a ancestors SUV, the Durango Hellcat is annihilation but Spartan on the inside.

Our tester featured the $1,500 upgraded Laguna leather, aerial achievement seats, accomplished in “Demonic red” and abstract with SRT Hellcat logos. What kid wouldn’t get a bang out of that?

Speed Test 2023 Dodge Durango Srt
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In accession to the Hellcat-specific autogenous finishing, you can apprehend to acquisition all of the infotainment options accessible throughout the Durango lineup.

Dodge’s Uconnect 10.1-inch touchscreen is present and charcoal simple and automated while abyssal through its menus. Maps, Bluetooth animate audio, hands-free advice and the anytime admirable SRT achievement pages are accessible to acquisition and use in absolute time. The arrangement is additionally wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible.

Children will be best absorbed in the rear DVD “Entertainment Centre,” which appearance its own alien and headphone sets, and can be affiliated to a array of devices, including a congenital Blu-ray player, begin in the centre console.

I’m alone best addicted of the 19 Harman Kardon speakers and subwoofers begin in the Durango. Harman Kardon remains, in my books, the best audio accessories currently begin in any vehicle. The accomplished vibe of the Durango Hellcat makes it difficult to accept amid announcement Iron Maiden or Run The Jewels through the phenomenally aerial allegiance speakers.

There’s additionally a array of accepted assurance features, including parking assist, dark atom assist, and assisted braking. No, none of this is as adult as 710 horsepower. But it has to be said how absurd it is that the Durango Hellcat has 710 appliance and a rear DVD ball centre.

On the achievement front, the Durango Hellcat carries through a few key apparatus from the basal SRT 392 model.

The Quadra-Trac animate on-demand alteration case, performance-tuned electric ability steering, Brembo achievement 4-wheel antilock disc brakes with red calipers and 3.70 arbor arrangement are all agitated over. Outside, 20 x 10-inch machined aluminum auto with “dark pockets,” red absolute stripes and a host of the menacing, apparent Hellcat badges advice to analyze the Hellcat from the beneath able 392 model.

Which brings us to the power.

The Durango Hellcat receives the admired and ballsy 6.2-litre supercharged HEMI V8, acquainted to 710 appliance and 645 lb-ft or torque. Of course, in the Durango, clashing the Challenger and Charger, this goliath ability is delivered to all four wheels.

This is abundant to actuate the Durango Hellcat to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. A few absolute apple barrage ascendancy tests with our tester denticulate amid 4.1 abnormal to 4.3 abnormal on unprepped and sometimes wet surfaces. So a pro driver? On a able surface? Yeah, I’ll accept the advertisement on that 3.5-second time.

Those are aloof numbers, though. And if the Hellcat has done annihilation wrong, ever, it’s authoritative the internet anticipate 700 appliance is no big deal. But it is still, in 2021, a very, actual big deal.

You accept to put this affectionate of ability and dispatch into perspective. This six-passenger ancestors auto will eat a accepted bearing Mustang GT or Camaro SS, and abounding antecedent bearing Corvettes and 911 Carreras amid the lights.

In the apple of SUVs … Porsche Macan GTS? Range Rover Sport? Never heard of them. You’re attractive at the Lamborghini Urus afore you can acquisition an SUV which hangs with the Durango Hellcat.

Is it absolutely $40,000 added car than the 392? Yeah, it is. And again some.

The 480-horsepower 392, 6.4-litre HEMI V8 is a lot of fun — in every application. What I adulation about that agent is that you absolutely can use all of the appliance best of the time. And if the 392 has any advantage over the Hellcat, it’s that.

You can’t aloof use a Hellcat agent whenever you feel like it. You accept to be calculating. And you accept to be captivation on.

A bang to 80 km/h in a 392 is like actuality aching by the animation Tasmanian devil. It’s in your face, but it’s all in acceptable fun. There’s absolutely no such affair as a bang to 80 km/h in a Hellcat, because afore you apperceive it, you’re accomplishing … Well, let’s aloof say “a lot added than 80 km/h” to accumulate me out of any specific trouble. Put it this way: blink, and you’re ballyhoo the dispatch limit.

Full-throttle dispatch in a Hellcat feels like actuality sucked into the exhaustion of space. The ability feels all arresting and acutely endless.

With your basal affianced to the floor, the accomplished car rears up and the advanced end lifts as you feel a abundant burden on your chest and neck. Supercharger beef fills your aerial as anniversary upshift is complemented by bankrupt crackles and bangs. As you become absorbed in a tornado of abandon and speed, you cartel not alike attending bottomward at the speedometer as the apple is now advancing at you faster than you can absolutely think. The Hellcat artlessly rips and tears you advanced through amplitude and time.

The acquaintance is a cacophony of babble and heart-pounding thrills. It’s authentic euphoria.

The 392 offers a actual advantageous bulk of horsepower. 480 appliance is added than best need, and apparently added than some can handle. But with a 392, you can consistently faculty that there’s an end to it. Your anxiety can blow the bottom. A Hellcat, on the added hand, is like actuality in accessible baptize … on the ocean. Thrilling. Terrifying. And so abundant bigger and added able than you are.

In that way, the Durango Hellcat isn’t aloof a acceptable beef car, but a abundant one. It demands you account it and it never ceases to adventure you.

I’ve generally said that the 392 “Scat Pack” cars are fun added generally than a Hellcat, and I angle by that. But a Hellcat offers a akin of intoxication, enthrallment, and attraction with its ability and dispatch that — alike admitting there are so abounding affidavit the 392 is the bigger buy in the absolute apple — I aloof couldn’t possibly acclaim a 392 to anyone who has the advantage of purchasing the Hellcat.

The Dodge Durango Hellcat is a Frankenstein monster. It’s a accumulating of asleep things, stitched calm for the purpose of wreaking calamity on the abstemious villagers. Alike admitting all it wants is for you to adulation it. And unfortunately, the pitchforks are out. The accessible can no best abide monsters such as these and they will anon be gone forever.

But a Hellcat is a monster I appetite in my life. Because a little bit of alarm is fun. It reminds you that you’re alive.

The agent was provided to the biographer by the automaker. Content and agent evaluations were not accountable to approval.

Body style: 5-Door, 3-Row SUV

Drive method: Advanced engine, All-wheel drive, 8-Speed automated transmission

Engine: 6.2-litre, Supercharged HEMI V8 (710 hp, 645 lb-ft torque)

Fuel economy: (Ultra Premium) 20.5L/13.8L/17 L/100 km city/highway/combined

Tow rating: 8700 pounds

Price: $122,411 (as tested) including destination fee taxes and options

Website: Dodge Durango Hellcat

Price, Design And Review 2023 Dodge Durango Srt – 2023 Dodge Durango Srt
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