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The Volvo XC60 Recharge has a admirable interior, 400 horsepower, and about 30 kilometres of electric range.Handout

Specs lexus plug-in hybrid
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New Concept lexus plug-in hybrid
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New Concept lexus plug-in hybrid
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I’m active a 2013 Acura RDX, purchased new in 2012, with 230,000 kilometres on it. I adulation it and my artisan says I can get 300,000 kilometres out of it, but I’ll allegation to alter it at some point. I absolutely appetite a amalgam or PHEV. I can’t go abounding electric due to bound range, remoteness, and ambit from charging stations in the abundance passes to get to Calgary, Vancouver, or Kelowna from my baby abundance community.

There’s a Toyota banker in boondocks and Lexus offers amalgam and PHEV in their NX models. Acura has no RDX hybrid. I could go with the RAV4 Prime or hybrid, but it’s not as nice as what I’m acclimated to for continued drives. Subaru has no Outback amalgam either. I don’t appetite to go American. I’m 63, so I will accept this agent for a continued time. Should I delay until added options are accessible in hybrids? I absolutely attending afterwards my cars, so I could if I accept to. – Tracey

Gentile: Unfortunately, Tracey, there is a abridgement of accumulation back it comes to new vehicles, abnormally hybrids and constituent amalgam electric cartage (PHEVs), because of the all-around curtailment of semiconductor chips. But because you’re not in a blitz and you’re active a reliable vehicle, time is on your side. You can do the analysis and delay for some new PHEVs that are advancing bottomward the activity soon.

Richardson: I admiration why Tracey says she doesn’t appetite to go American? I achievement it’s not because she thinks they’re still the old slapped-together, ailing advised clunkers of decades ago. Old habits can die hard.

The 2022 Lexus NX is Lexus’s aboriginal constituent hybrid.Handout

Research New lexus plug-in hybrid
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Gentile: True. But who are we to judge? At atomic she knows what she wants and doesn’t want. Let’s alpha with one of my favourites, the 2022 Lexus NX, Lexus’s aboriginal constituent hybrid. It rolls off the band in Cambridge, Ont. – that’s right, Canadian-made. I anticipate Tracey would adulation that.

Richardson: It ticks all the boxes, for sure, with a abject amount for the amalgam of about $50,000 and an added $10,000 for the added able plug-in. I collection one in Arizona afresh and it’s actual nice for continued drives. Affluence of torque for abundance roads, too. The absolutely electric active adeptness is rated at 61 kilometres, which is acceptable for a PHEV.

Gentile: Good? It’s abundant for a PHEV – it’s one of the longest EV ranges you can get with a constituent hybrid. Best PHEVs accept about 30 kilometres of range, which seems absurd to me. I can’t alike be agitated to allegation it for that little range.

Richardson: You’re not abandoned in activity that way. But the RAV4 Prime has seven added kilometres of range, and the Lexus NX is a comfortable adaptation of it. This new generation, though, is added of a stand-alone archetypal than the gussied-up RAV of the antecedent NX.

Gentile: Tracey mentioned the Toyota RAV4 Prime, but in her words, “it’s not as nice” as a Lexus or her Acura. She additionally mentioned Subaru – there’s no Outback PHEV, but there is a Crosstrek constituent hybrid. It has all-wheel drive and an electric ambit of about 27 kilometres. Abominably for Tracey, it’s alone awash in Quebec.

Richardson: Yup. Lots of advice for Subaru’s basal band in Quebec, area the bigoted government imposes cher penalties if they don’t advertise abundant electric vehicles. The B.C. government does the aforementioned thing, but the penalties aren’t as expensive. This doesn’t advice drivers in the blow of the country area the car isn’t sold, does it? The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is an accessible advantage though, don’t you agree?

Gentile: I agree. It’s a nice agent and actual accepted – it’s Canada’s top-selling constituent hybrid. But Tracey is acclimated to active a affluence vehicle, an Acura RDX, and abominably Mitsubishi doesn’t appear abutting to the affluence feel central that she’s acclimated to. What about a Volvo XC60 Recharge constituent hybrid?

Richardson: That will accord her the activity of luxury, for sure, and Volvo’s fabricated a huge charge to electrification. And there’s a Volvo banker in Kelowna, so no beneath acceptable than her Acura. It starts at about $70,000 additional taxes.

Gentile: Volvo has aggressive affairs to be a absolutely electric car aggregation by 2030 – that agency no added centralized agitation engines in its future. But for now, the Volvo XC60 Recharge has aggregate on Tracey’s ambition list. It has a admirable interior, 400 horsepower, and about 30 kilometres of electric range. The alone affair she ability not like is the centre blow awning – it’s not the best automated and can be arresting because simple manoeuvres are generally complicated with assorted steps.

Richardson: BMW makes a constituent amalgam adaptation of both the X3 and the X5, but I’ve not apprenticed either of them to acclaim them.

Gentile: I’m abiding they’re aloof as acceptable as the accepted cars, but the pure-electric ambit for the X3 is as low as the Volvo, at aloof 29 kilometres. The X5 PHEV is abundant bigger at 50 kilometres, but its all-embracing ammunition burning is agog at 8.5 litres per 100 kilometres. Both Bimmers bake exceptional fuel, too.

Richardson: If she opts for the Lexus, the new NX recommends exceptional gas for its best performance, but it’s absolutely blessed to run all day on cheaper, approved gas. It’s additionally the aboriginal archetypal to accommodate a blow awning and canal the arresting abrasion pad of before, which she ability accept in her RDX. Every year, technology becomes added capable, but generally simpler, too. That’s addition acumen to adhere on addition year afore replacing her car.

Gentile: And added new players are advancing to the market, like Jeep’s additional constituent hybrid, the 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe. It has about 40 kilometres of electric ambit and a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, akin to two electric motors and an eight-speed automated transmission. It would be appropriate at home in her abundance community.

Richardson: We can’t acclaim the Jeep because we’ve not apprenticed it yet to apperceive if it’s any good, but I anticipate Tracey should be cat-and-mouse a while anyway. If there’s addition 70,000 kilometres larboard on her Acura, this gives her affluence of time to ride out the college prices acquired by the accepted dent shortage.

Gentile: Or she could go with a accepted amalgam like a Toyota Venza; she’ll get the ammunition abridgement accumulation and she doesn’t accept to bung it in. But for now, she’s bigger off active her Acura for at atomic addition year; by then, there will be alike added PHEVs to accept from.

Richardson: And who knows? Maybe in addition year, we’ll apperceive about an RDX hybrid.

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Ratings Lexus Plug-in Hybrid – lexus plug-in hybrid
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