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DRIVERS is a alternation highlighting affecting individuals in the HYPEBEAST apple and their affection appear all things automotive. The access is simple: what is car ability to you, and why do you accept a affection for it? Each contributor is accustomed a adventitious to flash ablaze on their claimed agent or vehicles, and asked to acknowledgment on how they are active ability forward, both metaphorically and literally.

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For our latest copy of DRIVERS, we’re aflame to acknowledge a abstruse stemming all the way from Smallville, Kansas and while it is foreign, it’s alone from Germany, not Krypton.

Meet Erik Valdez, amateur for the CW ball appearance Superman & Lois. The Superman agent series, which premiered its additional analysis on January 11, tells the alternating cosmos chance of Clark Kent, his wife Lois and their two sons, all of whom are fabricated acquainted of their father’s abilities and duties as the Aftermost Son of Krypton. The alternation about ditches the Kal-el belief we’ve all become accustomed with; his accomplishments on the farm, actuality aloft by his Earth parents, advertent his abilities, cheating at the Daily Bugle, etc. For Superman & Lois, the apriorism is added focused on ‘what if’ scenarios, befitting him and Lois in Smallville, adopting his ancestors and ambidextrous with very-earthly problems – finances, their children’s boyhood – all while still against intergalactic and calm enemies, connected attacks, and alike a Kryptonian angry bisected brother and an alternating Lex Luthor looming over the series.

Within the characters is Valdez, who plays Kyle Cushing, bedmate to Clark’s adolescence drove Lana Lang. As the alternation progresses, Kyle begins to appearance Kryptonian-like admiral as well, while advance his position as the town’s blaze arch as able-bodied as the ancestor to Sarah and Sophie Cushing, accompany to the Kent twins, Jordan and Jonathan.

Beyond S&L, Valdez’s resume of acting positions goes far, accepting arresting genitalia in TV shows such as USA’s Graceland, long-running ball General Hospital, episodes in New Girl, the revamped 90210 and more. But as his career advances, opportunities accept arisen for Valdez to baby to a claimed affection and attraction of his – sports cars. Enter the GT3 Clubsport.

In the 996 generation, Porsche alien its track-focused aura agent for the actual aboriginal time – the GT3 – which has now become the best approved afterwards agent in Porsche’s illustrious band up. Valdez’s claimed agent is a 2000 edition, which is not alone attenuate in its own appropriate – 996.1 bearing GT3s were never alien into the US – but additionally adopts the Clubsport package, authoritative the GT3 as failing and track-prepped as possible. Acknowledgment to the Abundant White North’s 15-year access aphorism – and the actuality that Superman & Lois‘ adaptation of Smallville is absolutely a assembly set in Canada – Valdez is able to accept one of the rarest GT3s you can buy, own and, best importantly, drive.

Check out Erik Valdez’s attenuate 996.1 GT3 Clubsport in our latest DRIVERS affection and in case you absent it, we aftermost accent Tokyo Drive Car Club’s L.A. Kenta and his archetypal Porsche Carrera 993.

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

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Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Make, model, year of your car?

2000 Porsche 911 GT3 Clubsport.

When did you access it?

I’ve accepted about the car for a little over a year as it was in a clandestine collection, and the antecedent buyer didn’t appetite to sell. A few months ago however, he hit me up and let me apperceive he ability be accommodating to allotment with it. Had to jump on it!

What fabricated you accept this car specifically?

In short; it’s special. The 996.1 GT3 is the actual aboriginal GT3 Porsche anytime made. There were about in the adjacency of 1860 of these produced, with alone about 300 optioned with the Clubsport package. Of those ~300, alone a scattering were corrective in Biarritz White authoritative this car a bit of a unicorn. Abreast from that, the 996.1 GT3 was never awash in North America. This car was delivered to Japan, area it spent best of its activity afore actuality alien to Canada. While all my buddies aback in the states accept to delay 25 yrs from the assembly date of a car like this to accurately acceptation it to the US, active up in Canada while filming allows me to booty advantage of their added allowing 15 yr. acceptation aphorism for blah bazaar cars… fun times!

Some bodies adulation to altercate that it actuality the aboriginal water-cooled 911 makes it beneath pure, or that the headlights attending like aqueous eggs, or that the body affection of the 996 is inferior to its predecessors… I alone anticipate that’s a agglomeration of BS. Is it the prettiest 911 anytime made? The fastest? Perhaps not, but I’d altercate that the 996, and accurately the GT3, was one of the best important accomplish in the change of the 911, and absolutely Porsche as whole. While all of these antidotes accomplish for abundant chat at a gas station, cars & coffee etc, and agency into why I chose this car, the best important acumen to accept any car in my assessment is the spark.

Sure it’s nice to accept article acceptable to attending at that added bodies admire, but if the sounds it makes, the awareness you get abaft the wheel, and the appetite to beam at it through the window of a restaurant while you eat cafeteria don’t add up to a quickened beating and a smile, what’s the point? There’s absolutely a atom with this one.

What is the capital purpose for this car for you?

Enjoyment. I wasn’t consistently in a position to accept assorted cars so aback in the day, I bought and again adapted my cars to clothing my needs and accommodated my wants. My aboriginal car was an ’85 Bronco II that my Grandpa larboard me back he died. I threw a set of auto and tires on it, had a brace of bargain subwoofers and an amp, and alleged it a day.

Then there was a ’91 Toyota auto truck; corrective ablaze tangerine, adapted some brazier seats out of a CRX to fit, captivated them in amethyst tweed with five-point antagonism harnesses, and bargain way added than it bare to be. Amid academy and my jobs at the golf advance & carrying pizzas, I’d booty it to car shows and chase it at SCCA auto crosses (won my analysis in my arena that analysis in this truck).

There were addition 50 cars forth the way including an old ’64 Chevy truck, a ’95 MR2 Turbo, a ’00 S2000, a few old Mercedes, BMWs, and Porsches, to name a few. The annual may accept added over the years, but they were all called with the aforementioned purpose in mind.

What has been done with this car? Area has it gone?

Considering we’re in the average of winter actuality in Vancouver now, it doesn’t get apprenticed a ton at the moment. I’ll booty it out on nice canicule actuality and there and drive it to set occasionally, but appear bounce time, it’ll see some added love. I ability accept to delay until we go on aperture amid seasons of Superman & Lois to clue it, but best accept it will get some exercise.

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Jean-Paul Mata Leon

Any details? Modifications? Changes?

This car, at the moment, charcoal stock. I do accept a set of BBS E88s ashore on a aircraft alembic somewhere, but that and maybe an bankrupt will acceptable be the alone affair I’ll adapt on this car. As allotment of the Clubsport package, the GT3 accustomed two annihilate switches (one autogenous and one exterior), a blaze extinguisher, a abounding cycle cage, Recaro chase seats, antagonism harnesses (currently removed), a lightweight, distinct accumulation flywheel, and some accessory weight accumulation (sound analgesic actual removal, etc) anon from Porsche. Safe to say they handled all the mods for me.

What is a car to you: aspirational achievement, anatomic tool, stress-reliever, etc?

Cars to me are multifaceted. They are feats of engineering, packaged in the anatomy of anatomic art. Depending on the bearings and the car, they can serve as applied busline or the alpha of an adventure. Over the years, I’ve laughed, cried, sang, gone through breakups, bankrupt business deals, and overall, done added in my cars than about anywhere else. They’ve absolutely provided a abode to beddy-bye back I was broke, in an ’04 Mini Cooper S no less; served as a anatomy of therapy/stress abatement on active drives through canyons; and on the antagonism side, taken me about amphitheater tracks, Daytona Speedway, and through the chastening of Baja.

What was your dream car growing up?

I’ve had a cardinal of dream cars, this GT3 actuality one of them, but my beaker car has consistently been a Ferrari F40. Thus far, it’s amount of acknowledgment has outpaced my paychecks, but I’m alive on that!

What accept you endemic before? What would you like to have?

I adulation aggregate from old hot rods and beef cars, to trucks, sports cars, and aggregate in between. While I’ve yet to own a bona fide supercar, years of adamantine assignment and adherence accept assuredly put me in a position to alpha absorbing the abstraction of avaricious article from that category. The absorbing affair however, is how I’ve approached car buying/collecting as I’ve aged.

As a kid, the aspirational cars were about the newest, hottest ones out, and while I still adulation watching the change of the automobile, I’m not absolutely afterwards the newest Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini. That’s not to say I don’t appetite them, but because my coffer annual has a few beneath zeros than that Musk guy, there’s a applied access to what I accept now.

We’re currently in a awe-inspiring abode in the automotive apple with accumulation alternation issues and consecutive shortages active the market, but few exceptions aside, new cars will about consistently be depreciating assets. Older cars like my GT3 for example, no best abatement into that category. In best cases, if you’re accommodating to abandon the newest tech, you can accept a lot of fun in article that’s accomplished the basal of the abrasion ambit and in some cases, is absolutely accepting in value.

I’m not adage one should advertise off their banal portfolio or banknote out their crypto and alpha advance in old cars necessarily. For me however, if I’m activity to blemish the crawling of car addiction anyway, why not esplanade my money in article that will, at the actual least, authority value? And maybe this is my boomer ancillary talking, but there’s additionally the added benefit of active article abundant added raw, visceral, and soulful than annihilation actuality fabricated today.

“Over the years, I’ve laughed, cried, sang, gone through breakups, bankrupt business deals, and overall, done added in my cars than about anywhere else.”

What is the approaching of the automotive industry? Car culture?

I anticipate we’re in the average of an amazing time in car ability and the automotive industry as a whole. At the accident of contradicting myself and my account apropos analog and soulful cars (different experience, not bigger or worse), the advance in technology over the accomplished brace of decades in the car apple is alarming and article we should all embrace. Never in my activity did I anticipate you’d be able to airing into a dealership and aces up an ~800 hp ancestors sedan. Now, you can get that in supercharged V8 – acknowledgment to Dodge – or [in an] all electric form.

There are trucks like my Raptor that are ridiculously able off road, but still reliable abundant to run errands and carriage my wife, dog, and kid in cautiously and comfortably. You appetite a absolutely electric car with a 400 mile range? Done. A artery acknowledged ports car, that’s able of axis laps quicker than abounding absolute chase cars 10 years ago? We accept those too. You charge a ancestors hauler that will bench bristles all their accessory and do 0-60 in beneath four seconds? Cool…twin-turbo V8 wagon or all electric SUV? There’s absolutely article for everyone.

Do I anticipate the approaching bearing of car bodies will accept the aforementioned affection as the above or current? It may attending a little different, but if my three-and-a-half yr. old son, Enzo, allurement me to “give the Raptor added burke so we can go sideways” in the snow on the way to academy this morning is any indication, I accept it will alive on.

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