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By Jane Ulitskaya

Few cartage acquire a fan abject as agog as the Jeep Wrangler. From giving the accepted “Jeep Wave” to endless forums, clubs and meetups, Wrangler owners are accepted for actuality loud and proud. Owning a Wrangler is the abandoned way to accretion admission to the absolute club, but is the associates absolutely account it? To see if the SUV meets the needs of owners from an accustomed driver’s perspective, we analyzed user reviews of the fourth-generation (2018-21) Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited and compared them to able evaluations.

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The Wrangler JL entered the arena for the 2018 archetypal year to alter the previous-generation Wrangler JK, admitting Jeep still awash the closing for an overlapping archetypal year. The redesigned Wrangler kept the SUV’s administration and appearance complete while abacus abounding acceptable appearance to the mix. The SUV was upgraded with attainable LED headlights, bigger visibility, and an easier-to-remove bendable top and windshield. Read on to see what Wrangler owners and experts like about the accepted Wrangler, as able-bodied as some accepted pet peeves. Plus, get the exhausted on the SUV’s powertrain options, appearance and pricing.

Fondness for the Wrangler’s go-anywhere adequacy emerged as a accepted cilia amid users, which should appear as no surprise. We dug added to analyze added accolades: Customization, a smoother ride (certainly against antecedent iterations of the SUV), adequacy in abundant snow and abounding autogenous amplitude were the best prominent. Wrangler owners acquire authentic to be a adherent bunch, and the absolute reviews (raves) abundantly outweigh the abrogating ones (rants). Grievances accommodate the Wrangler’s on-road comfort, which is still not its forte, and complaints about the disposable roof and the four-door model’s abrupt amount tag. (References to the Wrangler accommodate both the Wrangler two-door and Wrangler Unlimited four-door SUVs unless contrarily specified, but the two are covered abandoned on’s analysis and account pages. Comments acquire been edited for clarity.)

The Wrangler is Jeep’s additional most-popular archetypal afterwards the Grand Cherokee, but it’s adamantine to exhausted amid any rivals aback it comes to customization. A aggregation of trim levels, bales and accessories from Mopar, Jeep’s achievement genitalia division, baby to a avant-garde ambit of lifestyles. Recognizing that Wrangler owners acquire a affair for modifying and accessorizing their SUVs, Jeep added threaded exoteric bolt holes in the 2018 redesign to advice owners arise lights or racks. Aftermarket add-ons aren’t appropriate to personalize a Wrangler, however. Factory options like the attainable Xtreme Recon Amalgamation advancement the SUV’s off-road accomplishment with all-terrain tires, bigger access and abandonment angles, college arena approval and abnormally acquainted shock absorbers. The Wrangler’s customization abeyant emerged as one of its most-loved qualities amid owners, and our experts accede that a adapted Wrangler infuses added fun into the buying experience.

“I adulation it! It’s actual sporty, reliable, not bad on gas and I can drive it anywhere! I consistently get adulation on my Jeep! You can adapt it to your liking.” — customer analysis for 2018 Wrangler; Valley, Ala.

“It looks to be absolute for my needs and is awful customizable; it’s actual comfortable as well. I am attractive avant-garde to fun adventures traveling this summer.” — 2021 Wrangler; Minneapolis

“I afresh purchased a 2021 Firecracker Red Jeep Wrangler Sport with a six-speed manual. I adulation it and can’t clean the smile off my face. After a doubt, the JL is a abundant added aesthetic Jeep compared to the TJ [1997-2006 generation]: Smoother ride, quieter, and it has bigger performance. But, no way is it activity to break stock. Although I acquire no absorption in off-roading with it, it will get mods as the funds become available. It’s fun and keeps you young.” — 2021 Wrangler; Cassville, Wis.

“It’s a Jeep: It’s not fancy, it allows you to bolt things on, booty things off, and adapt to your heart’s desires. There’s annihilation abroad on the alley like it — it’s affectionate of an SUV, affectionate of a truck, affectionate of a car, but not absolutely any one of those things. You either adulation Jeeps or you abhorrence them.” — 2019 Wrangler; Austin, Texas

“It fits my two developed kids and my two big dogs. There are so abounding aftermarket accessories to accomplish it abundance and there are assorted clubs that allure me to adhere and animate my growing attraction of my vehicle.” — 2018 Wrangler; St. Petersburg, Fla.’s analysis of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler accustomed the SUV’s newfound alley amenities to its revised suspension, added axles, bigger tires and a new electrohydraulic council system. Wrangler owners noticed these changes, which animated the SUV’s ride quality. Abounding echo buyers commented on the SUV’s bland ride on paved roads, abnormally compared to the above-mentioned generation’s bumpy, added trucklike ride.

“Although I analysis collection several Wranglers, afterwards active my Willys for several days, it turns out to absolutely be bigger than I had imagined. The autogenous is absolutely quiet so you can authority a chat at accustomed levels! So far, the fit and accomplishment seems aces of a $40,000 vehicle. It’s so altered from my 1990s Wrangler; the bounded and off-road administration is absolutely stellar.” — 2020 Wrangler; Bend, Ore.

“So far, it’s absolutely what we’ve appear to apprehend from a Jeep Wrangler. It rides annealed like a Wrangler, but has a smoother ride than our earlier Wranglers. Everything feels sturdy, clashing [in] abounding new cars.” — 2019 Wrangler; Chicago

Style 2022 jeep cherokee interior
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“I acquire endemic a 2012 Wrangler in the past. The 2019 [Wrangler] has a abundant nicer and smoother ride. It still has the Jeep look, which is a acceptable thing; no charge to change what has formed for so long.” — 2019 Wrangler; Cape Cod, Mass.

“Great autogenous administration and bigger than accepted pick-up. It has a beneath aflutter ride than the antecedent Wrangler. The technology amalgamation and animal comforts are amazing; the push-button retractable roof is a audible plus. It has all the assurance appearance for new drivers that parents could want.” — 2020 Wrangler; Sewell, N.J.

“I adulation the avant-garde improvements. I had a Wrangler 20 years ago and it was fun. Today it is still abundant fun but with a smoother ride and added comfort. Now the accomplished ancestors can adore it!” — 2020 Wrangler; Naples, Maine

“The engineers got it appropriate for off-roading. In banal form, it will do as able-bodied or alike bigger than abounding adapted Jeeps in assertive situations. It will out-climb annihilation in actual apart bedrock at acute angles. Also, it has the best alley amenities of any Jeep anytime — you can absolutely ride in comfort. But, it absolutely shines in asperous wheeling.” — 2019 Wrangler; Lubbock, Texas

The Wrangler’s go-anywhere persona is generally associated with acute activities like bedrock ample or baptize fording, but owners acquire begin that the SUV’s adequacy additionally translates to a added applied use: active through abundant snow. The Wrangler Sport and Sahara action Jeep’s Command-Trac four-wheel drive, a part-time arrangement with aerial and low ranges. An alternative Trac-Lok limited-slip rear cogwheel brings added anchor in brutal weather.

“This car is absolutely what I am attractive for, abnormally during the winter months and traveling with a baby bivouac in tow. I capital article reliable and could handle snow-covered streets.” — 2020 Wrangler; Cincinnati

“I’m a changeable disciplinarian who drives in all weather. What I adore best is not accepting to advertise my car out of a parking space. I additionally acquire the affluence of demography off [the] top in the summer and adequate the ride. Con: It’s not fuel-efficient.” — 2021 Wrangler; Chicago

“This car is abundant in any affectionate of weather. Bland ride, ample and looks great. Would acclaim Wranglers to anyone with an activity that doesn’t accord snow canicule [off].” — 2021 Wrangler; Philadelphia

“Loads of fun active this affair through the snow: 1 foot, 2 feet, creamy or arranged by the snowplow, it didn’t matter. Shift it into 4WD and point it breadth you appetite it to go, and it aloof goes over all of it after any drama. Nice and slow, no charge for momentum. It aloof went appropriate through the snow.” — 2020 Wrangler; New York

“With my Jeep Wrangler, I don’t acquire to anguish about accepting to assignment on albino canicule anymore. I aloof put it into four-wheel drive and go.” — 2018 Wrangler; Norman, Okla.

“I’m from New England breadth the acclimate sucks for 4-5 months out of the year. This affair is a monster in the snow.” — 2019 Wrangler; Warwick, R.I.

The two- and four-door Wrangler’s wheelbase grew in the 2018 redesign, abacus an inch of legroom in the backseat. Wrangler JL owners acclaim the vehicle’s commuter and burden amplitude as acceptable and practical.’s able reviewers acclaimed the autogenous as not abandoned roomier but added acceptable compared to the antecedent generation. The SUV’s rear seats abide small, but its bigger recline bend and added amenities, like climate-control vents and cupholders, are redeeming qualities for backseat passengers.

“It has a smoother ride than I expected. So abounding added cyberbanking appearance than I’ve had in added vehicles. Adulation the room, but it’s bunched at the aforementioned time.” — 2020 Wrangler; Sterling, Ohio

“This is my third Jeep and I adulation it. I like it because it is attainable to drive and park; it runs great. The aback bench folds absolutely so you get a ample burden area.” — 2019 Wrangler; Peachtree City, Ga.

“Perfect admeasurement to booty bodies and things around. Adulation the look, and the artlessness of the inside. It’s actual attainable and looks nice at the aforementioned time.” — 2018 Wrangler; Springfield, Mo.

“The agent is abundant so far: Acceleration is great, [and] the ride is a little bumpy, but it’s a Jeep. There is affluence of allowance for what I charge it to do.” — 2018 Wrangler; Moyock, N.C.

“This is the best Jeep Wrangler archetypal anytime made. The accomplished YJ, TJ, JK models are great, but this Jeep JL 2018 Wrangler Sahara Automated V-6 is the best one yet. The abundance and avant-garde amenities are top of the line. The autogenous fits my ancestors of four and has abundant burden amplitude for a stroller, scooter, Onewheel XR and bank chairs.” — 2018 Wrangler; West Palm Beach, Fla.

Although the accepted bearing of the Wrangler brings an bigger on-road active experience, some owners are quick to point out that the SUV still feels added at home on trails than pavement. Complaints ambit from apart council at artery speeds to a asperous ride about the city.

Our experts accede that the body-on-frame Wrangler is not aggravating to challenge a cushy, car-based SUV: “It feels like a avant-garde mid-size auto truck, such as a Chevrolet Colorado or Toyota Tacoma, in that it’s no best a amends box, but it’s still not absolutely the bland and well-damped ambiance of a Jeep Grand Cherokee,” said analyst Aaron Bragman in his 2018 review.

“The Rubicon JL goes anywhere off-road. It has a abundant drivetrain, but I cannot drive on-road for added than two hours. It has baby seats, over-sensitive council and a blatant engine.” — 2019 Wrangler; Klamath Falls, Ore.

“This is a fun car to own, abnormally for recreational purposes. If you abandoned appetite it for benumbed about town, you may be disappointed, but if you appetite to go off-road you’ll be pleased. It’s not your archetypal SUV for active about town; the ride is asperous and I abandoned didn’t appetite a agglomeration of accretion and whistles on it. We capital the Jeep for a fun car we could use for camping, off-roading, etc., and that’s what it’s acceptable for. I wouldn’t appetite it for accustomed use.” — 2020 Wrangler; Dry Ridge, Ky.

“After a actual abbreviate buying acquaintance of a new Jeep Wrangler, I could not delay to barter it for a safer and better-riding vehicle. This new JL was the fourth Jeep I acquire endemic and the best disappointing. The council at artery speeds can be absolute dangerous. I should acquire advised the customer reviews that bidding affair with the council and administration of the new JL. They angry out to be actual and accurate.” — 2020 Wrangler; Canton, Ga.

“It’s a acceptable vehicle. The council can be a bit demanding on the artery in assertive active conditions, but all in all, it’s a fun agent to own. I’m attractive avant-garde to an adapted council box to actual this issue. Regardless, I would still acclaim this vehicle.” — 2020 Wrangler; Baltimore

Jeep simplified the action of removing the Wrangler’s roof and windshield in the SUV’s 2018 redesign. The best cogent change fabricated to the new JL’s roof was the affluence of removing the bendable top, now chargeless of the above-mentioned setup’s bulky zippers: “The tongue-and-groove accouterments on the new bendable top accomplish adopting and blurred the top awfully easy, and, like the anew easy-to-lower windshield, it agency that bodies are acceptable to use it a lot,” Bragman wrote.

Jeep additionally fabricated the attainable auto lighter and faster to remove, but the action is mostly banausic from that of the antecedent Wrangler. Despite these improvements, some owners still struggled to abolish the roof manually. To annihilate the hassles of the convertible roof, Jeep now offers an attainable Sky One-Touch Power-Top as one of its abounding roof options. The feature, which is attainable abandoned on the Wrangler Unlimited four-door model, can accessible and abutting the roof automatically at speeds up to 60 mph. Clashing the chiral roof, Wrangler owners babble about the affluence of application the automated convertible top.

“The auto abandoned takes 10 account to booty off, but it’s still a pain; it’s absolutely a two-person job. And again there is the affair of breadth to abundance this big thing. It’s not like houses in New York Burghal acquire big garages. We’ll see how generally I booty it off already the summer comes around.” — 2020 Wrangler; New York

“It’s my aboriginal Jeep. It’s fun to drive and it absolutely is a abundant ride for Florida. The roof is manual, and admitting it’s fun to drive aback off, it’s not that attainable or acceptable to remove.” — 2021 Wrangler; Naples, Fla.

“I am appealing aghast with the above changes fabricated in this vehicle. I can’t accessible the aback window after demography the top off. There’s no way to aloof accessible it for the ride. The amplitude for alteration annihilation is actual bound (like aback grocery shopping). Otherwise, I adulation the Jeep.” — 2020 Wrangler; Racine, Wis.

Even owners who contrarily gave the Wrangler babble reviews affirmation that the SUV’s better blemish is its ample amount tag. Best of these rants were affiliated to the four-door Wrangler Unlimited’s starting sticker amount of $34,820 (including a $1,595 destination fee) for the 2022 Sport trim. The abounding amount breakdown for new and acclimated Wranglers can be begin in the Trims and Appraisement area below.

“The new Jeep [Wrangler] is a big advancement over my 2008 JK. They absolutely jack up the amount aloof based on the cast abandoned and it isn’t a acceptable amount for money. But at the end of the day, a Jeep is a Jeep, and if you appetite one, you’re gonna pay amply for it!” — 2020 Wrangler; Houston, Texas

“I collection a 2018 JK Wrangler while arcade for the JL Sahara model. I absolutely acquainted the improvements were account it in the JL. There is a bit of wind babble and some acerbity in the ride due to the solid axle. It’s our aboriginal Jeep and I am asthmatic on the about $50,000 I paid, so don’t attending to this as a amount proposition. But, it’s got such a affluent ancestry and demography the administration of the 1941 archetypal is a nice touch.” — 2018 Wrangler; Iowa

“We adore the vehicle; it’s attainable to set up for towing but it is overpriced. Everything abroad about the agent is excellent.” — 2018 Wrangler; Inverness, Ill.

“Very bland and quiet up to 45 mph, again it starts to get a little noisy. It has abundant performance, appropriate gas breadth of over 19 mpg, but it could use added autogenous storage. Cher — but you’ve got to pay to play.” — 2018 Wrangler; No area provided

The fourth-gen Wrangler can be had with two or four doors and has a accepted 3.6-liter V-6 engine. The abject agent makes 285 application and 260 pounds-feet of torque and is akin to a six-speed chiral transmission. An eight-speed automated chiral is optional. A turbocharged 270-hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder was alien in 2018, and a turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 followed in 2019. Some Wrangler engines apply mild-hybrid technology, which Jeep markets as eTorque.

In 2021, Jeep alien two all-new powertrains for the Wrangler — one geared against efficiency, the added performance. The Wrangler 4xe constituent amalgam integrates two electric motors and a 400-volt array to bear an EPA-estimated appraisement of 49 mpg-equivalent in accumulated burghal and artery active and 21 afar of all-electric range. On the added end of the spectrum, the Wrangler’s first-ever V-8 is attainable in the four-door Rubicon 392. The 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 makes a massive 470 hp and 470 pounds-feet of torque.

Excluding the PHEV, the Wrangler’s ammunition abridgement runs from 14 mpg to 25 mpg in accumulated EPA estimates, with the Rubicon 392 and EcoDiesel V-6 bookending the range.

Standard appearance for the Wrangler JL accommodate disposable doors, a fold-down windshield and a 5-inch dashboard display. College trims acquire Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on either a 7- or 8.4-inch touchscreen.

Shoppers on a account should agenda that the abject Wrangler Sport comes accepted with chiral windows and locks, and it doesn’t action avant-garde assurance and driver-assist technologies begin in college trims. To get attainable appearance like dark atom monitoring, adaptive cruise ascendancy and avant-garde blow admonishing with automated emergency braking, shoppers acquire to advancement to college trims.

The non-PHEV Wrangler comes in 11 trims, alignment from the abject Sport to the Rubicon 392. The Wrangler 4xe is attainable in three trims: Sahara, Rubicon and Aerial Altitude. Best models action two or four doors excluding the Sahara, Rubicon 4xe and Rubicon 392, which are alone four-door.

The 2022 Wrangler Sport starts at $31,320 (all prices accommodate a $1,595 destination fee) while the top-tier Rubicon 392’s starting amount catapults to $76,395. In PHEV guise, the Wrangler 4xe starts at $54,125 for the Sahara archetypal afore any applicative tax credits.

Shoppers attractive for a acclimated Wrangler JL may acquisition higher-than-expected prices due to the advancing account shortage. The average amount for all acclimated 2018-2021 Wranglers amid dealers was $44,497 as of November 2021. The average amount for new 2021 and 2022 Wranglers (excluding the 4xe) is aloof hardly college at $45,770, while new 4xe models acquire a average amount of $59,630.

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