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The electric car in the angel looks absolute well  we’re activity to acquisition out and to talk you about aggregate this car and what you allegation to know about this car, booty this car for a drive and analysis out its performance, accept it or not this is absolutely this is one of the international launch of this car and commonly audi would be accepting article unique  in Launching Event apparently in the south of  France or about alluring like one but instead i’ve had to aces up this car for the keens, still i accept got the aerial achievement RS adaptation of this car so it’s a case of swings and annular about it i’m feeling a bit sick buying a new car afresh arch to car wow and my aggregation will advice you acquisition your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site let’s bang off this Blog by talking about the bulk so this e-tron GT starts at aloof beneath 2.45 cr PKR rising all the way up to 2.90 cr pkr for this range-topping rs version in four animation carbon trim so it’s quite a lot money then and you wanna accomplish abiding you’re advantageous a fair bulk for your abutting new car and to ensure you’re accomplishing that you can click on the pop-out banderole that I just put bustling out in the top right corner of the awning there to go to car wow because on average car while buyers save over 2,900 pounds now if you appetite to do that at a later date you can artlessly google advice me car wow and my aggregation and i will advice you choose the appropriate car for you and get it for a fair bulk from one of our trusted dealers let’s allocution about the e-tron gt’s design because this car it looks stunning in actuality audi’s architecture aggregation i would like to congratulate you on a job very absolute able-bodied done i beggarly attending it’s gorgeous absolutely attractive especially like aback you see the car with its altered colour’s think as far as accepting this car i would accept this acrylic arrangement it’s very brave but it’s additionally absolute actual cool tell you what’s additionally alleged this big light bar beyond the aback and the 3d effect of the lights you’ve got a deployable addle-brain there which will pop up at dispatch don’t apperceive what that dispatch is and attending bottomward actuality you’ve got a diffuser is it a absolute diffuser no it’s probably fake it looks absolutely air-conditioned that is the only affected affair on this car you probably noticed the carbon cilia as well that’s because this is an rs adaptation sprung carbon so you get added carbonyl $.25 on it and acutely you’ve got your rs badging there as able-bodied too do agenda this is the best powerful version of the e-tron gt advancing bottomward the sides they’ve got absolutely advanced haunches makes the car attending muscular nice creases in the anatomy assignment this car is benumbed on 21-inch admixture auto so the range bliss off with 20s for the accustomed etron gt and as you can see these alloys accept these little blades in them to advance their aero minimise annoyance and aerate efficiency and this car is adapted with the carbon ceramic brakes analysis this out though look at this there’s a carbon cilia roof on rs vor sprung carbon models accustomed rs on gt’s accept a panoramic canteen roof bottomward the side you’ve got some ancillary skirts this already afresh in the carbon version you’ve got carbon cilia on the door mirror abridged look vintage actuality which is absolute best good work audi good assignment absolute best and absolute vintage here at the advanced as well come about to the absolute barbecue attending at this aboriginal time

   Ever an audi barbecue has been color-coded like to the bodywork there’s a little apery on it there as able-bodied to add some arrangement wow it’s a really accurate attractive car isn’t it and I like the beanie architecture the way it’s sculpted that is air-conditioned this is a absolutely really good attractive car now if you disagree with me let me apperceive in the comments below  because you will still be wrong here on the axial the eatron gt is just as admirable as on the alfresco so yeah annular of acclaim for the interior designers at audi as able-bodied as the exterior designers great job guys adulation the attending and the layout of the birr the different textures and shapes common fiber actuality on this one acutely it’s a rs archetypal so you’ve got all the accretion and whistles quality is absolute acceptable throughout oh it’s all aloof feels absolute solid well-made the active position is great as able-bodied and you’ve got electrical adjustment for the council wheel suitably partially car like this and rs sport seats in this car and there’s loads of acclimation in them as able-bodied I like the way it feels absolute adventurous and how you have this axial adit there amid you from your passenger i additionally like the blueprint of the infotainment arrangement so it’s not too big or confusing like in some other electric cars sorry ford that’s  hard to ahem beneath that one and it’s ideas accustomed arrangement so it’s accessible to use you can bash through the different menus it’s bright brittle the processor is quick as well and you’ve got angel carplay and android auto which of advance is what you’re going to use i like the way they’ve done this though you’ve got abstracted buttons for the climate ascendancy so you can aloof do things like your acrimonious seats your ventilated seats your temperature your fan dispatch aloof by pressing a concrete button which is just much easier to do aback you’re driving than on some added audi’s like the rs6 where you accept to do it through like a touchscreen and actuality like that now ad has adapted the agenda driver’s display for this e-tron and it’s the crispest affectation i’ve seen in an audi yet it’s amazing adulation the graphics on that as anytime you can accept altered views and go through altered airheaded and you can additionally change the bureaucracy of it in the capital infotainment arrangement for various views i’ve got it on the appropriate e-tron version which is like hardly adventurous but concentrating on ability and ambit at the aforementioned time which is adamantine yeah i like that admitting it’s absolutely absolutely nice another affair to allocution about is the accumulator actuality axial so the door bins are in all appropriate admeasurement i can fit an empty canteen of water in it and um the aerial vis anorak actuality on the centermost animate i’ve got some cup holders there and a amplitude there for things a bit annoying it’s not absolutely large enough for the beyond adaptable phones like i’ve apparently got the new S21 or should i get an iphone let me know in the comments beneath claret box that’s in all appropriate admeasurement it’s accomplished yeah it’s all acceptable and beneath actuality there’s some added accumulator admitting it’s rather tiny in there not abundant amplitude you’ve got your USB connections there and your wireless charging for your adaptable buzz will my big buzz fit in there oh yes  there’s a little alcove allotment so it does slot in there that’s absolutely accurate it’s a lot yeah lovely autogenous absolutely absolutely really nice ah alcantara council caster as able-bodied it’s good although it does get besmeared afterwards a while if like me you like to eat crisps while you’re active along and afresh you aloof get it all in the steering caster too abundant advice here in the aback of the etron gt it’s not bad you apperceive so allowance attending if i sit up straight i’ve got about that much so bodies over six bottom should just about be okay knee allowance is absolutely acceptable because what they’ve done is carve out the aback of the bench so you get loads of knee allowance they’ve additionally sculpted out the floor as able-bodied actualize lots of bottom amplitude now audi call that a bottom barn yes there’s someone in business who’s accepting paid a lot of money to appear up with things like that ambition i had their job anyway it does beggarly that there’s plenty of bottom amplitude so that’s all appropriate additionally I really like the sculpted action seats i aloof ambition that they recline a bit more no you can’t recline them oh able-bodied what about the boilerplate bench this is declared to be a three seater in the aback because that we’ve got the added seatbelt let’s try it out it’s not acceptable it’s not really that acceptable at all hmm i assumption if you appetite to backpack three people in the aback of your electric car you’re bigger off with an audi e-tron brought aback or the norway alternation if you want to see my abounding all-embracing Blog review of that suv i’ll put a articulation up there she’ll be bustling out bang on that you can go watch that video a bit more advice on acumen so you’ve got an armrest actuality admitting it’s spot hardly by those belt holders when they accept a awning on it and if you need to backpack best items such as your skies as you’re branch off to the south of france in your electric four-wheel drive sporty auto a yeah attending you can load your skis through there two people either ancillary still there is one affair it’s all absolutely dark in actuality and the rear windows are quite small and look they don’t go bottomward decidedly far do they so i can see the account of having the car with a across-the-board canteen roof it’s a bit of a abashment that the rs version doesn’t accept that i beggarly i don’t absolutely allegation to save weight on the roof doesn’t bulk though because you can absolutely fit the panoramic roof to the rs vor sprung archetypal as an advantage a non-cost option we allegation to allocution about the boot  you see for a car this admeasurement the capacity you accept actuality isn’t all that big

                          Just 366 liters which is absolutely the same as the big accommodation on a porsche ti cam because beneath the skid they’re appealing abundant the aforementioned car now tesla archetypal s’s big accommodation is 744 liters way bigger but let’s allocution about this cossack for now there is a bit of a bulk lip but afresh it is a alehouse tailgate it’s not too bad really for alehouse appropriation things in and out there’s some netage to authority down things such as a baby beastly you ability accept just captured no you won’t accept captured an animal because you’re a vegan aren’t you so maybe a um a vegetable that you’ve captured some little accumulator pods actuality and here 12 volt socket a little bit of added storage under actuality they don’t get too excited because you’re not gonna be able to fit much in there now you can bend bottomward the rear seats to actualize added amplitude if you allegation to carry absolutely continued items but you can’t do it from in the boot there is one affair admitting attending the hook for blind your arcade accoutrements off if you allegation to abatement bottomward the rear seats you have to go round to the aback and do it from here and afresh you can attending there we go there afresh you accept a flattish load floor acutely actuality an electric car there is some added accumulator space underneath the advanced anatomy because we have a advanced boot a bake-apple it’s alone 81 liters in capacity but i allegation to do the all-important car analysis uh behaving like a adolescent test on it so i’m activity to get in and see if i can fit attending would it fit my actuality oh aloof about squeezing in i could apprehend some cracking of some artificial genitalia but never mind that’s not my car oh baby oh my god what happened there oh um able-bodied i did fit but i dislodged this and oh applesauce attending i’ve absolutely absurd it these cars are online from germany they’re activity to go mad at me i don’t anticipate i’m activity to do that stupid analysis afresh anyhow i do what’s also brainless attending the admeasurement of this cable bag it’s absolutely huge so already you put that in there you basically use up all that space and that brings me up to bristles annoying things about the e tron gt for some acumen the car makes this noisewhen you about-face and afresh brake it’s as admitting the anchor discs are going every time they get awkward by the pads weird look at this the way the birr is designed is that aback you accessible the aperture it’s got this abhorrent protruding spike which is aloof afraid out so if you long of leg and you get in you could accidentally go hey i ambition aggregate in the angel would just die is that too abundant overacting on the rs6 and r7 you get a little RS mode button on the council caster which lets you toggle amid different presets for the active agreement of the car yeah alike admitting this  e-tron gt is the rs archetypal it doesn’t accept the rs button so you accept to booty your eyes off the alley hardly to columnist the drive select approach bottomward there which is annoying so beneath RS added aloof arse this is one abundant ass car it weighs in at 2 347 kilos which interestingly is 400 kilos added than an rs7 if you’re the affectionate of actuality that likes to blow your elbows aback you’re on a long ambit drive you’ll be fine rest them on that armrest but not so good comatose them over actuality because there is no armrest instead your bend ends up in the hard cup holder aloof appropriate on the bend of it on your funny cartilage wow it’s not all abrogating admitting here’s five acceptable things about this car the RS e-tron gets out as top of the range laser headlights which can do all sorts of things acutely they do a little dance and actuality aback you start the car accessible and all that affectionate of thing cool cool are you a vegan that’s affronted of having to sit on asleep cow able-bodied don’t worry you can get your eater on gt with a vegan friendly non-leather autogenous additionally you can get floor mats that are fabricated out of 100 recycled nylon genitalia so from old carpets and fishing nets yes perfect if you appetite to get assimilate cheep and dot virtue signaling about how appropriate on you are these pedals on the council caster don’t change apparatus like in a accustomed car because this car doesn’t accept a normal gearbox instead they adapt the regen aftereffect when you lift off the accelerator and the braking you get from the motor as it Rekeeps beneath activity and puts it back into the batteries now the effect of that can be so astringent that you get 0.3 g of deceleration which if you’re an engineer you’ll acknowledge is absolutely a lot you apperceive i said this car doesn’t accept a normal gearbox it does absolutely accept a two-speed gearbox on the rear arbor acumen actuality that gives you absolutely good strong antecedent dispatch but also decent acceleration when you’re activity at college speeds whereas added electric cars can run out of puff it’s important for a car that’s designed to go fast on the autobahn now the rs adaptation of this e-tron gt also gets an electronically controlled (Quattro) limited-slip cogwheel to maximize traction as you’re departure turns because there’s no centralized combustion engine the account intervals on this car are absolutely continued so they’re two years or 19 000 miles so you don’t accept to be messing around with it all that much you apperceive what i’m accomplishing the e-tron gt has a 93 kilowatt hour array pack and that should be acceptable for a range according to our d of 300 afar but we’ll see what the absolute world range of this car works out to in a moment aback i drive it so the car is capable of charging at 270 kilowatts and if you can acquisition a charger that’ll do that it’ll allegation from about 10 to 80 abounding in about bisected an hour more likely admitting you’re activity to come across a 50 kilowatt charger and that’ll take you 90 account to charge to 80 this car is powered by two electric motors one the fron one at the aback in the accustomed quattro model you accept a combined 476 application admitting for two and a half seconds you get a addition action that takes that up to 530 application in this rs adaptation you have a combined 598 application and the addition function for 2.5 seconds gives you 646 horsepower okay let’s see what this audi e-tron gt is like to drive i’m gonna alpha out on faster anchorage because that is what it’s designed for it’s a gt car now what i’ve done is absolutely displace the trick computer so i’m gonna see what affectionate of energy burning i boilerplate during my short drive in this car now one of the things i should point out first all but the entry-level version gets air abeyance as accepted and you can adapt the acme of it and the air suspension aback you’re going at college speeds is absolutely acceptable at gliding you and wafting you over bumps makes it absolutely adequate sometimes electric cars can accept a arrant feel when they go over animation but this seems to aloof bland them out absolutely nicely the acumen electric cars accept such jarring activity sometimes is because you have to fit them in such stiff abeyance because they’re so heavy it stops them rolling about whereas this one i anticipate they’ve done it quite well it additionally seems to go about roundabouts pretty able-bodied which is a acceptable affair i’m driving about some adjacent area’s because this is breadth audi Pakistan’s abject is where i’ll aces the car up from and i’ve only got a abbreviate time with it so i’m having to drive it about actuality but there’s a acceptable aberration of roads one affair i’m acquainted is a little bit of alley babble this car has some huge tires on it for best anchor but it does beggarly that you do hear added alley babble than if the tyres were thinner the car is able-bodied insulated though so we’ve got bifold ceramics on this one so there’s no wind noise at all but i am aloof acrimonious up that road babble partly because i have no agent dawdling abroad beneath the bonnet got a bashful electric motor now if it’s a bit too bashful for you i can actually put this car into sports approach and as able-bodied as stiffening up the abeyance and sharpening the burke acknowledgment and making the ceiling a bit added it plays some sounds through the car speakers so this is fitted with a appropriate and complete pack what’s accident is audi’s engineers have formed with complete engineers and they’ve created noises for the cars to make so it doesn’t complete like an internal agitation agent car added like a spacecraft they’ve created some aberrant noises one of them was created by alarming a fan down a continued tube and it gives a array of more sound let me see if i can accomplish it do it can apprehend it aback i’m breaking i’m activity to accelerate you apprehend that babble i’m not abiding about it affectionate of works and gives you this sense of architecture dispatch but it’s i don’t apperceive maybe every time i’ll get used to those affectionate of things but let’s do it again it’s a little bit computer gaming i’ll tell you what’s additionally computer gaming the burke acknowledgment it’s like who a you put your bottom bottomward and it absolutely flies that’s not absolutely activity to advice me with my ambit analysis abundant the seats are comfy that’s acceptable so for best distances you’re activity to be accomplished active position is acceptable one of the acceptable things about milton keynes is that there are lots of roundabouts so you can absolutely analysis the administration out this is a abundant car but all the weight is low bottomward and maybe the carbon roof is allowance a bit with the centermost of force as well by blurred it i don’t anticipate it’s gonna accomplish abundant of a difference but this car is activity around this roundabout let’s see if we can accumulate up with him around here i’d alpha to ablution advanced eventually one drawback that i accept noticed admitting is the appearance out the back window it’s hardly annihilation you can’t see absolute abundant at all also addition botheration i’ve noticed is that this window breadth isn’t that big and this pillow obstructs your appearance when you’re attractive beyond that way and it’s annoying aback you’re roundabouts or other junctions aggravating to cull out does just get in the way obviously this car’s got all the latest safety systems to advice you out so it ‘ll stop you abolition into things and you apperceive does auto emergency braking and all of that affectionate of stuff oh it’s starting to angular a little bit now able-bodied do you apperceive what through testing this on the roundabouts of Karachi i can acquaint you this car turns appropriate absolute able-bodied indeed i’m not abiding what it’s like axis left hopefully it’s bigger than the zoolander i can’t about-face larboard now let’s see what this car is like aback you’re doing lower speeds it’s aloof annular boondocks or maybe about a apartment estate in Karachi let’s try the suspension over some ruts it’s ambidextrous with those appealing well feels like a adequate car round boondocks over bumps attending at there’s some bad bits fine one of the best if not the best benumbed electric cars i have been in oh absolutely i can see a dispatch up here let’s try that really acceptable abeyance in this car let’s see how maneuverable it is it’s not too bad for a continued car you see it’s got rear caster council as standard so the aback auto can about-face in the opposite administration of the advanced wheels when you’re activity slowly and that makes it added maneuverable when you’re activity quicker the aback auto go in the aforementioned administration as the front wheels to aid aerial dispatch stability so it’s not as difficult to esplanade or turn around as you ability think that’s absolutely aerial analogue really nice attempt abundant cameras one added affair i appetite to try the brakes now electric car brakes can be a bit jerky aback you aboriginal columnist them bit avaricious they are a little bit the reason is that it goes into regen approach rather than initial accustomed braking they do that on all electric cars and it’s absolutely adamantine toget the antithesis and the feel aloof right and afresh aback you columnist the pedal harder you do appoint the abrasion brakes now i couldn’t acquaint that alteration then that’s absolutely appealing acceptable and i suppose i would aloof get acclimated to the sensitivity of the anchor pedal after time it’s absolutely bigger than in a lot of electric cars i collection a mercedes eq the added day and that was a little bit hasty now let’s try the regen aftereffect to the best so let’s put it into full regen approach what’s that like can i just drive about after accepting to touch the anchor it’s all right it’s not abounding one pedal active like you can get in article like a nissan leaf that will absolutely use the proper friction brakes to absolutely appropriately stop you there is one affair that i’m finding surprising admitting i’m active accomplished quite a lot of people and no one has looked at my car really and gone wow look at my car guys it’s cast new brand new audi e-tron maybe it’s this camo blooming blush i’m just aggregate in will this guy look will this guy attending attending attending cipher [ __ ] yeah there we go he looked he looked that time bodies attending if you use the horn yeah he’s a young couple admiration if they’ll look this guy’s activity to attending appear on attending at this admirable new audio do you like that yeah do that no didn’t affliction will she look yep there we go attending that’s cheating in it appropriate i’m activity to cull over and check my economy i accept averaged 3.7 kilometers per kilowatt hour now i allegation to do some maths bodies so buck with me so the accessible array accommodation you have on this car is 85 application even though the array backpack is 93 the bulk you can use is 85 kilowatts 3.7 kilometers per kilowatt so 3.7 times 85 equals 314 kilometer ambit about-face that into old money and that translates to a absolute world range of 196 afar which isn’t that abundant is it hmm it’s one of the problems with electric cars however one of my admired things about them is their dispatch so there is one aftermost affair to do right let’s see how quick this car is to 62 afar an hour or 100 kilometers an hour i’m activity to use the special on-board timer of the car itself see what we do so larboard on the anchor floorthe burke let go of the brake blimey there we go to get on the brakes quickly afresh so i’m not breaking the speed limit not to 100 kilometers an hour in three seconds dead three abnormal it’s quick you apperceive what i’m gonna try that again

  because i can we’re gonna do this time oh attending at actuality exact aforementioned time three seconds dead let’s go afresh actuality we go three two one there’s a affair actuality not to 62 afar an hour three abnormal dead i anticipate you’ll acquisition howdy says it’ll d  it in 3.3 seconds they’re acutely lying that’s acceptable lying it’s german lying that’s how they usually lie about times the germans if it was italian it’d be the added way about they’d be acceptable oh yeah afresh 2.5 never does all americans with the teslas and actuality they usually do the aforementioned thing germans don’t germans like to understate so afresh what’s my final adjudication on the new audi etron gt should you abstain it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go appropriate advanced and buy it well i account you should shortlist the e-tron gt it is a admirable electric car that’s great to drive admirable to attending at beautiful axial but it doesn’t quite have the ambit to bout a tesla archetypal S hey if you enjoyed the video amuse give it a like additionally let me apperceive if any other Blog you’d like me to do in the comments below

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Exterior audi e tron gtr
3 audi e tron gtr electric supercar to replace the r3? audi e tron gtr | audi e tron gtr