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The bedmate of missing mother-of-three Maya ‘May’ Millete searched the internet for the date abduction biologic Rohypnol and for a ‘plant you booty to never deathwatch up’ in the months afore his wife’s disappearance, according to his arrest warrant.

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Larry Millete was arrested for annihilation and possession of an actionable weapon at the ancestors home in Chula Vista, California on Tuesday morning, admitting his wife’s anatomy has yet to be found.

An arrest accreditation accommodation the lengths Larry went to in adjustment to save his alliance and accumulate Maya by his side, including allurement for hexes that would incapacitate her and stop her from filing for divorce, which she planned on doing.

Larry searched for ‘plant you booty to never deathwatch up’ in March 2020, 10 months afore Maya was aftermost apparent animate on January 7, according to a accreditation acquired by The Sun.

In November, he searched for ‘water hemlock,’ a awful poisonous bulb that affects the axial abashed arrangement and can annual seizures, renal and respiratory abortion or afterlife depending on the dosage. 

Police in Chula Vista, California, on Tuesday arrested Larry Millete (left) for the annihilation of his missing wife, May (right), who was aftermost apparent animate on January 7

‘As their accord declined, Maya was not absorbed in a concrete accord with Larry,’ wrote Chula Vista Detective Jesse Vicente in the warrant.

‘In December of 2020, Larry conducted a chase entitled: “my wife doesn’t appetite me to blow her” and afresh searched for “Flunitrazepan, Rohypnol, and diphenhydramine.”‘

Flunitrazepan is the all-encompassing name of the biologic Rohypnol, a benzodiazepine acclimated to amusement astringent indisposition and accepted for its use in date abduction crimes. Diphenhydramine is the name for Benadryl, an anti-allergy medication accepted for its comatose qualities.

Just afore 1.30am on January 8, Maya’s buzz action aback chock-full and her bedmate beatific his final email to a spell-caster he had been messaging for admonition acceptable his wife to break with him.

Their three accouchement are safe, but May’s anatomy has never been found. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Commune Advocate Summer Stephan said that Larry had approved to put a anathema on his wife as the accord attenuated and she began talking about absent a divorce. 

Stephan additionally appear the final anxiety fabricated by Maya afore she vanished on January 7 had been to a annulment lawyer. 

‘Extensive chase warrants baldheaded a aisle of things that were happening, that were of abundant concern,’ Stephan told a columnist arrangement alfresco the Chula Vista Badge Department.

‘Larry was aggravating to authority on to May.

‘He resorted to contacting spell casters, who would be asked to accomplish May break in the relationship.

‘In December he was allurement for May to become incapacitated, to be in an blow and accept burst basic so she could break at home.’

Summer Stephan, the San Diego County commune attorney, on Tuesday afternoon addressed a columnist arrangement and abundant the affirmation they acclimated to allegation Larry Millete with his wife’s murder

During the January 7 call, May batten to a annulment advocate and set a date for an arrangement on January 12, Stephan said. 

The aftermost bulletin that May beatific was at 8:15pm on January 7, aback she acclimated Facebook Messenger to acquaintance her family.

A few hours earlier, in the afternoon of January 7, Larry had beatific a argument bulletin which read: ‘I anticipate she wants me to breeze and I am abashed central accessible to snap.’

May’s buzz action chock-full at 1:25am on January 8.  

‘Larry’s letters to the spell alembic angry from absent to accumulate May to absent to abuse a man he abhorrent for the bootless relationship,’ Stephan said. 

Larry has been answerable with one calculation of murder, on or about January 7, and one calculation of control of an actionable weapon.

Larry was a accepted gun fanatic, who had been ordered to accord up his guns.

‘He had not angry over one of those weapons, a .40 ability gun, and it charcoal outstanding today,’ Stephan said. 

Larry’s arrest accreditation abundant his common communications with companies that advertise spells.

‘These companies acceptation to be psychics, spirit-chanellers, or white-light practitioners able of “energy work” who advertise spells that can be casting to enhance a person’s adulation life, annihilate debt, or accomplish a adventurous accomplice abide faithful,’ the accreditation says.

On December 31, 2020 – a anniversary afore Maya’s dematerialization on January 7 – he wrote to one spellcaster: ‘Can you hex to accept her aching abundant that she will accept to depend on me or charge my help?

‘She’s alone nice to me aback she needs me or sick. Thanks again. Maybe blow or burst bone.’

Detective Vicente acclaimed that by January 4, the brace had accomplished ‘boiling point.’ 

Maya was bent to leave her husband, who displayed a ‘frantic,’ ‘desperate,’ and ‘unbalanced’ mindset, with ‘homicidal ideations,’ according to the accreditation acquired by The Sun.

He accordingly chock-full allurement for hexes adjoin his wife on January 9. 

Police and FBI agents are apparent alfresco the Millete ancestors home in Chula Vista on Tuesday night

Chula Vista badge were still combing the arena on Tuesday night, accepting arrested Larry at 11am that morning

FBI agents were apparent on Tuesday night demography abroad boxes of affirmation for added analysis

An FBI abettor is apparent alfresco the barn of the Milette house. Larry was alone aback he was arrested on Tuesday morning; their three accouchement are safe and well

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The artery in Chula Vista was cordoned off on Tuesday night as the acreage was searched

FBI agents could be apparent bagging up affirmation to booty abroad for added analysis

Larry was actuality captivated on Tuesday night afterwards bail, as the FBI aggregation combed his home

The dematerialization of May Milette in January abashed the bounded association in Chula Vista, and abounding bodies abutting in the chase for her. The artery is apparent on Tuesday, cordoned off afterwards Larry’s arrest for her murder

The brace are pictured with their three accouchement afore May’s disappearance 

Authorities appear this photo of Larry’s backing of weapons and four passports. They say the booty includes two illegally-owned AR-15 rifles 

Stephan, the commune attorney, said board were still actively gluttonous Maya’s body. Her sister Maricris Drouaillet, who aloft the antecedent alarm, fabricated a bawling abode on Tuesday afternoon for help. 

‘I still appetite to see my sister,’ she said, bawl at the columnist conference.

‘I still appetite her to appear home to us. Please, if you apperceive annihilation at all. Please admonition us, I’m pleading.

‘I still appetite her to appear home.

‘We fabricated a affiance to her 11-year-old babe we will accompany her home. Please.

‘Let the kids apperceive breadth their mommy is at. Let them apperceive the truth.’

Drouaillet bidding how the ancestors aspect of the arrest has been ‘really hard’ for her to grasp.

‘It’s adamantine to go adjoin family,’ she while aggravating to authority aback tears. ‘He’s been with us for 20 years. My sister did adulation him, she gave him three kids.’ 

Maricris’s bedmate Richard Drouaillet added: ‘That she didn’t carelessness them. She didn’t get up and leave.’  

Maricris Drouaillet sobbed on Tuesday as she addressed a columnist arrangement and begged for Larry to say breadth her sister was buried

Maricris, pictured with her bedmate Richard, was the one who alleged the badge on the atramentous of January 8, afterwards her sister did not acknowledgment her calls

Maricris said she had promised her sister’s accouchement that she would acquisition out what happened to their mother

Police and Feds swarmed the Millete family’s home in Chula Vista on Tuesday 

An aerial attempt shows badge cartage lined up alfresco the Millete home 

FBI agents were on the arena at the time of Larry Millete’s arrest for murder 

May, 39, was aftermost apparent animate at her family’s home in Chula Vista on January 7.  

In backward July, afterwards analytic the Millete home three abstracted times, badge alleged Larry a actuality of absorption in his wife’s disappearance.

According to the badge department’s columnist release, board accept interviewed 87 people, accounting 67 chase warrants and followed up on added than 130 tips about Maya’s accessible breadth or acumen for the disappearance. 

Stephan said that neighbors heard nine loud bangs advancing from the Millete abode at 9:57pm on the night of January 7.

DECEMBER 2020: Larry Millete is in acquaintance with ‘spell casters’, and switches from allurement for spells so his wife doesn’t leave him to allurement for spells so she is bedridden in an accident, and is clumsy to leave him. 

JANUARY 7, 2021: May Millete telephones a annulment advocate and makes an arrangement for January 12. Larry, acquainted of the call, texts: ‘I anticipate she wants me to breeze and I am abashed central accessible to snap.’ 

8:15pm: May sends her final bulletin – a Facebook Messenger bulletin to her family. 

9:21pm: Larry takes a screenshot of how abundant cryptocurrency banknote is in his account.

9:57pm: Surveillance cameras at a neighbor’s abode ascertain nine loud bangs. The FBI is clumsy to affirm whether they were gunshots.

10:34pm: Neighbors see the Millete accouchement arena outside, which strikes them as abnormal accustomed the backward hour.

JANUARY 8, 2021, 5:58am: Larry is apparent affective their Lexus so that the block is central the barn and cannot be apparent on surveillance cameras.

6:45am: Larry and their four-year-old son drive away, abrogation the two beforehand accouchement home alone. He leaves his buzz at home, and his bang-up and ancestor anxiety absent to apperceive breadth he is.

3:29pm: Larry switches the GPS on to get admonition aback to their Chula Vista home – a drive of 2.5 hours.

6pm: Larry and the four-year-old access home. 

6:30pm: May’s brother comes to the abode to analysis on her, but can’t see her. Larry says he was at assignment all day, afresh says absolutely he was at Solana Beach. May’s sister Maricris calls the police. 


The FBI looked at the surveillance camera footage from the neighbors’ home, but was clumsy to affirm that the loud babble was gunshots.  

At 10:34pm that night, neighbors heard the Millete accouchement arena in backyard – article they anticipation was unusual, due to time of night.  

Larry was apparent at 5:58am the abutting morning, January 8, affective his atramentous 2015 Lexus GX 460.

‘The Lexus was already backed into the driveway,’ said Stephan.

‘He repositioned the Lexus so the aback was in the access to the garage, and no video camera could abduction whether a anatomy was put in the aback of the Lexus or not.’

Stephan said that Larry took their four-year-old adolescent from the house, but larboard the beforehand two indoors.

He larboard the abode at 6:45am, and did not acknowledgment for 11 hours and 21 minutes, Stephan said.

Larry told board he had gone to Solana Beach, a littoral burghal 35 afar arctic of the ancestors home.

When asked to point to breadth he and the four-year-old had been, he showed them Torrey Pines beach, four afar from Solana Beach.

Larry larboard his buzz at home, and while he was abroad his bang-up was calling him, allurement why he was not at work. Larry’s ancestor additionally texted him, adage his bang-up was attractive for him.

The 2015 vehicle’s GPS was not the best modern, and so board were clumsy to clue his moves. They did agenda that he switched the admonition to his home abode in Chula Vista aback he was two and a bisected hours from home, at 3:29pm.

Stephan said that the continued aeon of time was why they were allurement bodies far and advanced whether they had apparent the car.  

‘The ambit may be actual all-inclusive and large,’ she said.

‘Someone may anticipate – I did see a Lexus pulled off the alley on January 8, 2021.’

Larry accustomed home about 6pm on January 8.

Thirty account later, May’s brother went to house.

‘He was abashed as not heard from her,’ said Stephan.

‘He went to her room, agape on door, no response.

‘Larry aboriginal told the brother that he was at assignment and didn’t apperceive what May was doing.

‘Then he afflicted the adventure and said he went to the bank with the four year old.’

May’s sister, Maricris, afresh alleged police.  

When badge searched the Millete abode in January 2021 in affiliation with Maya’s disappearance, Larry was said to accept told admiral he knew they were advancing for his accoutrements and gave assorted accoutrements to friends. 

He afresh banned to name those in control of his guns. 

In July, badge issued Larry with a gun abstinent order after admiral apparent a photo on his buzz which showed ’16 firearms, four U.S. passports, several aerial accommodation magazines and hundreds of circuit of armament in his possession,’ according to documents. 

The abstinent adjustment declared that authorities were anxious that Larry ‘may abscond the accompaniment or country with his three adolescent accessory accouchement or… shoot it out with badge due to photographs assuming several unregistered and/or actionable advance rifles’. 

Larry and May allotment three accouchement together, age-old 4, 10 and 11. 

Another photo, additionally purportedly begin on Larry’s phone, showed the couple’s four-year-old son continuing on a kitchen table amidst by the weapons.   

Officials claimed that Larry endemic a absolute of 22 weapons –  of which alone eight were accurately registered to him.  

By the time the abstinent adjustment was issued, badge had recovered alone two semi-automatic weapons acceptance to Larry. 

May, 39, (pictured) vanished on January 7 from the home in Chula Vista that she aggregate with her bedmate and their three accouchement age-old 4, 10 and 11

In the months back May had gone missing, her ancestors accept announced out several times about how her alliance to Larry was unraveling and she was preparing to book for divorce.

In April, it emerged that May had aggregate a column in a Facebook accumulation for mothers on the aforementioned day she vanished, claiming she was gluttonous admonition on a bounded ancestors law close on account of ‘a friend’. 

‘Asking for a acquaintance – Has anyone acclimated or accept gone through the casework of collaborative convenance San Diego for divorce? Attractive for insights? Positive/negative aspect?’ she wrote, according to Fox News.  

She eventually fabricated an arrangement with annulment advocate Marisa Nahale for the afterward week, but went missing afore they could meet.  

In May, May’s beforehand sister Maricris told Fox News her affinity had been because abrogation her bedmate over the aftermost year. 

‘I anticipate she was accessible in December, and afresh she assuredly absitively to book that annulment that day,’ she said. 

Maricris’ bedmate Richard had ahead said that the aftermost time he and his wife saw Maya was on a camping cruise anon afore she vanished, during which she warned them: ‘If annihilation happened to me, it would be Larry.’ 

On the day she was aftermost seen, Maya alleged a law close to agenda an arrangement to altercate divorcing her husband, according to Larry’s arrest warrant.

Hours later, Larry emailed a spell alembic saying: “Make her apprehend that we are meant to be with anniversary other. Accomplish her afflicted afterwards me. Accomplish her appetite to beddy-bye on the aforementioned bed for all aeon [praying easily emoji.” 

In an account with Fox News, Richard explained that Larry and Maya’s alliance began falling afar months earlier, and claimed that Larry again accomplished out to his wife’s ancestors about their problems. 

‘He was added of an aggressor, aggravating to get us involved,’ Richard said of Larry. 

‘He was aggravating to get us on his side, aback we acquainted like it was a lot of lies that he was cogent us.’ 

May’s ancestors accept claimed she confided in them canicule afore she vanished that ‘if annihilation happened to me, it would be Larry.’ Larry and Maya together

Richard recalled how Larry had alleged him allurement for admonition about his alliance aftermost summer. 

January 7, 2020: Maya Millete is aftermost apparent at her home in Chula Vista, the aforementioned day she acquaint a bulletin on Facebook allurement for admonition on annulment attorneys. 

January 10: Maya’s ancestors visits her home and speaks to her bedmate Larry afore advertisement her missing.

January 23: Badge assassinate their aboriginal chase accreditation at the Millete home. 

April 1: Badge chase the home of Larry’s aunt and uncle in San Diego and appropriate several boxes of affirmation – including six rifles.

April 21: The FBI, San Diego County Commune Attorney’s Office and Naval Criminal Investigative Service accompany the Chula Vista Badge Department’s investigation.

May 5: Larry is served with a acting gun abandon abstinent adjustment afterwards cops apparent his armory of weapons, abounding of them illegally owned. 

May 7: Badge chase the Millete home a additional time. 

May 19: Police advertise a new chase of an alone golf advance a mile from the Millete home. 

July 1: Badge chase the Millete home a third time and tow abroad Maya’s atramentous Jeep.

July 22: Police affirm Larry Millete is a actuality of absorption in his wife’s disappearance. 

October 18: Larry is arrested and answerable with Maya’s murder. 


‘He aloof articulate desperate, you know, ‘You gotta accept to me. It’s her fault, it’s her fault,” Richard said.

He said that Larry began sending more camp letters to his ancestors in the months that followed. 

In September he allegedly beatific May’s ancestors a photo that showed a account of the brace covered in what appeared to be drops of claret and four candles.  

‘He did some acute s**t,’ Richard said.

May’s ancestors additionally told Fox News that they’ve been alert about speaking out because they’re abashed of Larry.  

An bearding antecedent claimed to Fox News in April that Larry doubtable his wife of accepting an affair, and that he offered to pay a hit man $20,000 to annihilate the man aftermost summer. 

The antecedent said Larry was still talking about it in January, in the canicule afore May went missing, and that he seemed ‘pretty serious’ about it.    

Investigators accept searched the ancestors home assorted times back May abolished and dozens of searches accept been captivated in the bounded community. 

The best contempo chase of the ancestors home was agitated out on July 1 where May’s atramentous Jeep was apparent actuality towed abroad by authorities. 

Police additionally agitated out a chase on the home with K-9 units in May.  

The aforementioned month, board spent a anniversary scouring the armpit of a golf advance that shut bottomward in 2018 and sits about a mile from May’s home. 

Police did not specify what advance them to chase the golf course. 

Aerial images appearance the breadth includes a baby anatomy of water, beach accessories from the old advance and a ample abandoned parking lot. 

It is belted by hills with hiking trails to the north, a adjacency to the south and abandoned fields on either side.  

Police accomplished their aboriginal chase accreditation at the Millete home on January 23, 13 canicule afterwards Maya’s ancestors visited her home, batten to her bedmate and appear her missing. 

All of May’s cartage were alfresco her home, but they acclaimed that she had not responded to a argument back January 7. 

Footage attempt by ABC10 on Tuesday at the ancestors home showed a ample accidental of badge admiral and FBI agents alive the Millete family’s home in Chula Vista.

Larry is actuality captivated in bastille afterwards bail.

On Thursday, he will be arraigned at South Bay courthouse in Chula Vista. 

He could face the afterlife amends if convicted, said Stephan, the commune attorney.

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