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In the deathwatch of the Jeep Gladiator’s 10Best win for its admission archetypal year, our hopes were aerial as we accustomed a 2020 Mojave archetypal into our abiding fleet. Admitting not actuality our top aces for accurate auto duty, as a third-place accomplishment in a allegory analysis proved, the Gladiator was (and still is) a bolt of bloom in the mid-size barter segment, a atypical crammer with asperous presence, a convertible top, and a solid-axle Jeep lineage. Unfortunately, our antecedent activity began to achromatize as automated issues and circadian frustrations aggress our Jeep pickup. The Gladiator would eventually leave us afore it could complete its 40,000-mile test, accepting bumped up adjoin Stellantis’s 12-month accommodation acceding limit. But we weren’t awfully sad to see it go.

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Model When Will The 2023 Jeep Gladiator Be Available
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We buck some of the burden for our analysis truck’s disappointment. Choosing the Mojave’s six-speed chiral chiral instead of its alternative $2000 eight-speed automated did the accepted 285-hp 3.6-liter V-6 no favors. With beneath accessory ratios and the engine’s 260 pound-feet of torque accession at a aerial 4400 rpm, we had to absolutely assignment our truck’s bulky shifter and clamp pedal to accomplish allusive speed. That was fun at aboriginal but eventually grew tiring. The stick about-face additionally alone the Mojave’s towing best to aloof 4500 pounds against the automated version’s 6000. Our truck’s asleep 8.5-second run to 60 mph fabricated it slow, cogent amounts of alley and wind babble central the berth (71 decibels at 70 mph) fabricated it demanding to pilot, and a afflictive 15-mpg aftereffect on our 75-mph artery analysis and a 16-mpg boilerplate all-embracing fabricated it woefully inefficient.

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HIGHS: Awful altered amid pickups, appropriate ride for a solid-axle Jeep, acceptable fun in abbreviate doses.

The Gladiator’s alternative 260-hp 3.0-liter V-6 turbo agent may accept been a bigger fit for us, but it’s not accessible on the Mojave trim. Afterwards 30,000 miles, we’re assertive that the eight-speed auto is the way to go in any Gladiator, arresting as that may be for savers of manuals and the Jeep faithful’s best adherent members. What’s more, troubles with our truck’s chiral ultimately resulted in its abounding backup beneath assurance at 8424 miles, a fix that took it out of account for a whopping 29 days.

The Mojave trim akin is the alone Jeep so far to abrasion the brand’s Arid Rated badge, which denotes a greater accomplishment in higher-speed off-road conditions, but it additionally larboard us wanting. While we accepted how its upgraded abeyance captivated big hits and delivered better-than-expected ride comfort, the bound ascendancy provided by the Gladiator’s solid advanced arbor artlessly makes it ill-fitted for bound traversing asperous ground. There’s a acumen arid racers alone that bureaucracy decades ago in favor of absolute advanced suspensions.

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We knew the Gladiator’s recirculating-ball council would crave accepted absorption at artery speeds. But accomplishing so did abrasion us out on alley trips, and the Mojave’s 33-inch Falken Wildpeak A/T tires contributed to aloof 0.72 g of skidpad anchor and a continued 197-foot stop from 70 mph. In hindsight, a smarter aces for a awful able Jeep with a auto bed would be the analogously priced Rubicon trim, which drives about the aforementioned yet brings an electronically locking advanced cogwheel and disconnecting advanced anti-roll bar—features that bolster the Gladiator’s adequacy in added acceptable off-roading yet are not accessible on the specialized Mojave.

LOWS: Slow, thirsty, pricey, clumsy to drive, drivetrain problems.

Which leads us to the latest affiliate in our alarming long-termer’s saga: the backup of its rear arbor accumulation beneath assurance at 24,491 miles. Altered to the Mojave is the adeptness to electronically lock the rear cogwheel in high-range four-wheel-drive approach (the Rubicon’s rear locker alone can be affianced in 4LO). This affection was added for 2021, so 2020 model-year examples like ours were retrofitted with a dealer-installed software update. But while we were cat-and-mouse for that to happen, the operation of our truck’s rear locker was bedfast by an electrical affair that was traced to a adulterated locking actuator alive abysmal in the rear axle, necessitating the backup of the abounding accumulation and an added nine canicule out of service.

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Fortunately, the arbor fix didn’t bulk us anything. We did absorb $66 for our third oil-and-filter change at 27,308 miles, and a appointed 30K-mile account (inspection, new agent air filter, chiral service, and transfer-case aqueous change) bulk us $286, bringing our approved account absolute to $622. Agency in the antecedent $276 backup of a damaged right-rear annoy and our Jeep’s abroad costs tallied aloof beneath $900.

The Gladiator’s backbone lies in its ball bulk as an occasional-use vehicle. No bulk area we took ours—its final chance actuality a expedition from Ann Arbor to Alabama and back—it stood out with its arty presence. Its chiral chiral fabricated it a basic unicorn amid avant-garde pickups. And the Mojave model, admitting its drawbacks, charcoal arguably the best comfortable-riding solid-axle Jeep available. Added fun could be had by removing its doors and the hardtop’s roof panels (or demography the top off altogether).

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But for every absolute affection that our Gladiator exhibited, there was at atomic one shortcoming that aching both its adequacy and appeal—even as a novelty. While a altered archetypal agreement adeptness accept produced a added favorable accord amid our staff, the Gladiator is still saddled with a tiny auto bed, afflictive ergonomics, and poor on-road amenities compared to added mid-size pickups. And there’s artlessly no accepting about the two aloft automated problems we accomplished with our rig, which stickered for $58,920 as tested. The final animadversion in our long-termer’s logbook ably sums up our feelings: “The Mojave’s air-conditioned agency aloof can’t accomplish up for its compromises.”

Months in Fleet: 14 months Current Mileage: 30,212 milesAverage Ammunition Economy: 16 mpgFuel Catchbasin Size: 22.0 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 350 milesService: $622 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0Damage and Destruction: $276

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Staff editor Drew Dorian summed up our antecedent booty on the Jeep Gladiator with a contempo gem in our long-termer’s logbook: “I can’t anticipate of addition agent on auction today that is as awry but still absolutely charming. Everything about the way this barter drives is clunky, awkward, and uncomfortable—and yet I admired every minute abaft the wheel.” For an old-school auto with two solid axles and the added change of a convertible top, that’s a aerial compliment. But as our Gladiator Mojave rolls (slowly, noisily) accomplished the center point of its 40,000-mile test, acclaim for its aberrant appearance has become beneath accepted as its circadian frustrations abound added prominent.

Release Date When Will The 2023 Jeep Gladiator Be Available
ask nathan: 3 jeep gladiator 3xe, restorations, and our when will the 2023 jeep gladiator be available | When Will The 2023 Jeep Gladiator Be Available

By now, our gripes about the Gladiator are familiar: It’s loud inside, banausic on the move, and its council seems to accept alone a accidental accord with the advanced wheels. “It looks badass, but I wouldn’t appetite to drive in article with so little complete analgesic and tires this noisy,” apprehend a logbook animadversion that went on to point out how the truck’s cocked dashboard armament alike diminutive drivers to butt the caster with scrunched-up arms.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Long-distance biking charcoal a assignment in Jeep’s mid-size pickup. Yet our rig has backward about alive aural Michigan’s borders, including a cruise to the west ancillary of the accompaniment for an airing on the Silver Lake Beach Dunes, added a camping circuit to the Upper Peninsula. Some takeaways from those adventures are as follows: Our truck’s bendable tonneau awning is not defended abundant to anticipate athirst raccoons from alleviation its accouterments and aggressive central the bed in chase of food that we anticipation were cautiously stowed away. And the choked 3.6-liter V-6, with its 4400-rpm torque peak, is not alluringly ill-fitted for traversing abysmal sand. Alike with a appropriate 285 application on tap, we about had to appoint the four-wheel-drive system’s low ambit and corruption the six-speed manual’s clamp to accomplish any allusive advance in the dunes. No acknowledgment to the dunes, our boilerplate ammunition abridgement is up 1 mpg, now to 16 mpg.

While we’d like to appointment Silver Lake afresh to bigger appraise the Mojave trim’s Arid Rated suspension, our excitement—and our long-termer’s sturdiness—is alpha to wane. Its chiral parking-brake handle has developed an annoying bang and the chiral shifter has the accurateness of a stick alive a brazier of rocks. “This affair starts with a ballyhoo that makes me anguish about its abiding durability,” wrote administrator of agent testing Dave VanderWerp.

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Sadly, we’ve been clumsy to adjust some issues with our truck’s electronically locking rear differential. As a refresher, the rear diffs in 2021 model-year Mojave models can be bound in high-range four-wheel drive to advance off-road absorption at college speeds, but antecedent 2020 models such as ours abridgement that ability. Jeep has appear a software amend that is declared to accompany those aboriginal trucks up to spec. However, our long-termer additionally has acquired an cyberbanking annihilate that falsely indicates the locker is affianced aback it is not—and from what we can acquaint it cannot be bound at all. Pandemic-related issues accept complicated abrogation our barter at the banker for the all-important bulk of time for a abounding diagnosis, but we’ll chase up anon with an update.

Fortunately, we accept been able to get our barter serviced on schedule, with its oil-life adviser free the latest pit stop at 16,641 miles. That included an oil change, annoy rotation, and a berth air clarify replacement, all of which amounted to a $176 bill. Replacing a collapsed Falken WildPeak A/T3W annoy bulk us addition $276.

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Technical affairs aside, the Gladiator charcoal wholly altered amid avant-garde auto trucks and is about absorbing in baby doses. But our archetype has appropriately far been rather ambiguous and not absolutely agreeable to alive with, abbreviating its appeal. Addition commenter wrote, “I adulation how mission-driven the Gladiator is, but what absolutely is that mission—look cool, feel miserable?” We accept a little over 16,000 afar larboard to appear up with a bigger answer.

Months in Fleet: 12 months Current Mileage: 23,788 milesAverage Ammunition Economy: 16 mpgFuel Catchbasin Size: 22.0 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 350 milesService: $270 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0Damage and Destruction: $276

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

There is little altercation amid our agents that our Jeep Gladiator Mojave is cool, what with its asperous swagger, disposable top and doors, chiral transmission, and absorbing off-road credentials. “Is it $58K cool?” opined abstruse editor David Beard in the Gladiator’s logbook. “No, not alike close.” That acknowledgment may be a little abortive because our barter has alone aloof beyond the quarter-way point of its 40,000-mile test, but it does allegorize that things accept not gone as swimmingly as we had hoped for Jeep’s 10Best-winning bunched pickup.

Cool or not, our Gladiator has already becoming a big bankrupt for spending a accumulated 29 canicule out of account to accept its chiral replaced beneath warranty. Beneath than 1000 afar afterwards its aboriginal appointed account appointment at 7600 miles—a $94 job consisting of an oil change, annoy rotation, and assorted inspections—we alternate to accept the banker analyze a awkward from its clamp and a whining babble from the gearbox itself, decidedly aback in lower gears. Per a contempo anamnesis for assertive manual-transmission Wranglers and Gladiators, Jeep HQ brash the banker to alter the six-speed and audit the clamp assembly. That analysis appear assorted overheated sections on the clutch’s burden bowl and boundless comedy in the dual-mass flywheel, both of which apprenticed the backup of the abounding assembly.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Thankfully, annihilation bootless catastrophically and acquired a fire, which was the capital affair of the recall. But the banker did not yet accept the accoutrement bare to detach the transmission, so an analytic breach bottomward could not be performed. Nor has the banker yet accustomed Jeep’s latest software update, which addresses the anamnesis affair by allegedly attached the engine’s torque if the clamp gets too hot again. We’ll accept that amend installed as anon as it’s available, but our Mojave’s new drivetrain appears to be operating as it should for now.

The Gladiator’s approved operation comes with its own allotment of issues, though. As we affected aback we configured our long-termer, its agreement does not accomplish it the best circadian driver or all-embracing artery traveler. For one, the Mojave is acutely slow, acknowledgment in allotment to the ashen attributes of its 3.6-liter gas V-6, which has to be thrashed to about 4000 rpm afore it makes any allusive grunt. Accepting to accomplish the bulky six-speed shifter and clamp pedal doesn’t advice matters, alike admitting the absorbing change of a stick about-face does clothing a solid-axle Jeep’s character. As some of us acclimate to our truck’s banausic attributes bigger than others, logbook musings accept questioned whether the Gladiator’s accessible agent V-6—which acutely both isn’t offered on the Mojave trim and requires the alternative eight-speed automatic—might accept been a added able setup.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Owing in allotment to its stick axles, big all-terrain tires, and blocky profile, the Mojave additionally came beneath blaze for its susceptibility to crosswinds, which magnifies its already arresting addiction to aberrate amid lane lines. Forth with the cacophony of wind and alley babble that permeates our Jeep’s berth at acceleration (with the auto installed), “The alive acquaintance is appealing atrocious,” empiric administrator of agent testing Dave VanderWerp on an continued alley cruise with his family, acquainted that he was consistently captivation 45 degrees of council ascribe to anticipate the Gladiator from abrogation its lane. Beard concurred. “Heavy-duty trucks clue with added precision.” He’s additionally a bit acrid about the bare 4500-pound tow appraisement of our manual-Mojave model. Indeed, that’s bottomward from the automated version’s 6000-pound best and beneath than abounding soft-roading crossovers can tug. “Pulling a two-place (3500-pound) snowmobile bivouac can be done, but it’s far from enjoyable,” he added.

We’re additionally not able how frequently we accept to ample the Mojave’s 22.0-gallon ammunition tank. Admitting approved adventures about Michigan and long-haul voyages to Virginia and Tennessee, our barter continues to boilerplate aloof 15 mpg—the aforementioned bulk that it alternate on our 75-mph artery test, which is a abject 8 mpg beneath than its EPA estimate. “This is the attenuate gas-powered car that gets bigger ammunition abridgement in alternate burghal alive than on the highway,” acclaimed VanderWerp.

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

But with 27,000 afar still to go in our test, we’re far from accessible to accept we adulterated our truck’s configuration. Jeep’s Desert-rated Gladiator still rides impressively able-bodied because its aged suspension, alike our better drivers accept begin abundance in the Mojave trim’s admiring advanced seats, and this big-tired auto charcoal calmly cool, as abounding head-swiveling passersby abide to confirm. We can book up some of the frustrations with our barter to its break appropriately far ancillary with Michigan’s atramentous cold-weather months, which abounding of us abide in a accompaniment of semi-hibernation. Once we can antic through the beach dunes in the summer sun and cruise forth the beach with the top and doors off, we’ll hopefully be a little added affectionate of the Gladiator’s shortcomings.

Months in Fleet: 7 months Current Mileage: 12,976 milesAverage Ammunition Economy: 15 mpgFuel Catchbasin Size 22.0 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 330 milesService: $94 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0Damage and Destruction: $0

Michael SimariCar and Driver

The altered concrete architecture of the Jeep Gladiator gives it an actual air-conditioned factor. While four-door bunched pickups are annihilation new, there’s alone one that’s based on the rolling anachronism that is the Jeep Wrangler, convertible top and all. The Gladiator alike can be had with a affection that has about absolutely abolished from new pickups: a chiral transmission. We anon fell for its abnormal agreeableness and solid versatility, allotment it to our 2020 10Best account aloft its admission and abundantly accordant it was the new baby barter we’d appetite to own, admitting a allegory analysis proving that it wasn’t the best at its bulk mission.

It took a while to recruit a Gladiator for our abiding 40,000-mile analysis regimen, but that adjournment ultimately formed to our benefit. Afterwards the Gladiator’s launch, a acute new adaptation was added to the lineup. Introduced beforehand this year, the Mojave trim akin sits alongside the able-bodied Rubicon at the top of the Gladiator’s archetypal ambit and is the aboriginal of the Jeep brand’s Arid Rated vehicles. Building on Jeep’s accustomed Aisle Rated models that are adherent for accepted off-roading with stronger four-wheel-drive systems, drift plates, and upgraded tires, the Mojave is advised to excel in higher-speed off-road environments.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Along with a able frame, 33-inch-tall tires on 17-inch wheels, and slight increases to the Gladiator’s wheelbase and track, the Mojave assets new 2.5-inch Fox internal-bypass dampers, a 1.0-inch advanced abeyance lift, and accessory Fox hydraulic advanced agitate dampers, which serve as added heavy-duty, short-stroke shock absorbers that advice anticipate the abeyance from bottoming out. While its Dana 44 axles are agnate to the Rubicon’s, the Mojave additionally appearance stronger advanced council knuckles, a beefier rear arbor housing, and a alteration case with a taller low-range ratio, 2.72:1 against the Rubicon’s 4.00:1. Model-specific advanced seats with added ancillary bolstering additionally are included.

Lacking the Rubicon’s electronically locking advanced cogwheel and disconnecting advanced anti-roll bar, the Mojave suffers a little aback arrest mud holes and added abstruse off-road obstacles. But it does accept a new Off Alley Added drive approach that dials aback the absorption control’s activity and sharpens the responses of the burke and automated transmission. For the 2021 archetypal year, Off Alley Added additionally allows the Mojave’s accepted rear locking cogwheel to be activated in 4HI mode. (The Rubicon’s rear locker works alone in 4LO.) Our barter does not accept that adeptness at the moment, but Jeep says that it is alive to accomplish the affection a no-cost retrofit on 2020 models.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

The 2020 Mojave carries the aforementioned $45,370 abject bulk as the Rubicon. We autonomous for a rugged-looking covering of Gobi Clear Covering acrylic with atramentous aluminum auto and a atramentous interior. The costliest advantage on our barter is the $1845 upgraded Uconnect infotainment arrangement with an 8.4-inch touchscreen and an Alpine audio system. But we additionally splurged $1595 on covering upholstery, $1295 for a atramentous three-piece disposable hardtop, $1195 in LED exoteric lights, and $1050 for careful rock-slider balustrade beneath the aperture sills.

Numerous abate account upped our truck’s as-tested bulk to $58,920, which is still beneath than appealing abundant every added Gladiator we’ve evaluated. Added options board parking sensors and blind-spot ecology ($895), a burden administration array with a bed-mounted ability aperture and a lockable accumulator bin beneath the rear bench ($895), adaptive cruise ascendancy ($795), heaters for the council caster and advanced seats ($695), a roll-up tonneau awning ($595), a forward-facing aisle camera ($595), a amateur for the auto ($555), keyless access ($495), a spray-in bedliner ($495), a towing amalgamation and block ($350), all-weather attic mats ($165), and a tie-down band for the fold-down windshield ($40).

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Our accommodation to canyon on the Gladiator’s anew alternative EcoDiesel V-6 was accessible because it’s alone accessible on 2021 Sport, Overland, and Rubicon models. Jeep deems the diesel’s low-revving appearance to be beneath than ideal for the faster-paced activity envisioned for the Mojave. What’s more, the agent can alone be commutual with the also-optional eight-speed automated transmission. Notwithstanding the banking assessment of that $6000 upgrade, there are those amid us that accept on assumption that determined Jeeps should alone be adapted with stick shifts. For us, it was the Gladiator’s accepted 285-hp 3.6-liter gas V-6 and six-speed chiral or nothing.

The big check of this agreement is that it reduces the truck’s towing capacity. Whereas some models can tug up to 7650 pounds with the gas V-6, the Mojave’s bendable abeyance banned it to 6000 pounds with the automatic. Opt for the manual, however, and that best avalanche to aloof 4500 pounds. Payload accommodation is capped at 1200 pounds.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

This is the aboriginal time we’ve had a Mojave at the analysis track—or, for that matter, a chiral Gladiator of any type. But compared to the aftermost Rubicon archetypal able with the eight-speed automated we evaluated, our 5175-pound long-termer weighs 83 beneath pounds. It takes a fair bulk of assignment to ability the gas V-6’s 4400-rpm torque peak, and the absolute advance it provides is alone adequate. Once our barter completed Jeep’s abbreviate 300-mile break-in period, a barbarous high-rpm clamp bead in 4HI launched it to 60 mph in a apathetic 8.5 seconds—0.2 additional slower than the Rubicon. Our barter trailed its affinity by the aforementioned bulk (and 4 mph) through the quarter-mile, benumbed the lights in 16.5 abnormal at 82 mph. The Mojave’s big Falken WildPeak A/T3W tires (LT285/70R-17) may assignment able-bodied in afar terrain, but as with the Rubicon, they alone board 0.72 g of anchor on the skidpad. Stops from 70 mph booty a continued 197 feet.

Based on the activity our Gladiator’s already seen, its assignment aeon will be an alive one. Forth with accepted commuting, it’s towed a 3500-pound ski baiter with no issue, visited our bounded off-road park, and catholic both arctic to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and south to Virginia International Raceway. Drivers assume to accede that the Mojave’s cautiously sprung abeyance and continued wheelbase acquiesce it to ride added calmly than added new solid-axle Jeeps. Its council is vague, its administration is clumsy, and the manual’s continued throws and aloof clamp pedal are annihilation but precise. But we advancing as much. Added important, this is artlessly an agreeable apparatus to operate. “Super fun,” “an accurate Jeep experience,” and “the best way to drive a Gladiator” all adroitness our truck’s aboriginal logbook entries.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

However, commenters accept additionally acclaimed affluence of shortcomings, including the Mojave’s afflictive 15-mpg boilerplate ammunition economy. While some drivers acquisition it quieter central than they expected, our Gladiator’s 71 decibels of autogenous babble at 70 mph is loud abundant to blemish the functionality of its articulation acceptance system. Its pedals additionally are spaced rather far afar for heel-and-toe work, and there’s no asleep pedal to blow your larboard foot. In back, the bank burden box is not alpine abundant with the tonneau awning installed to board alike a moderately sized cooler.

And all drivers accede that the Mojave is acutely slow, abnormally on the highway. “One-hundred-percent burke is bare to merge, to climb, to pass, to get anywhere,” wrote agents editor Austin Irwin. Testing agent administrator K.C. Colwell echoed that affect on his expedition to VIR, abacus that downshifting to fourth accessory for continued stretches at a time was the alone way to accomplish allusive advance in the Appalachians. On akin arena and with the chiral in sixth gear, the Mojave appropriate a amazing 24.3 abnormal to complete the 30-to-50-mph and 50-to-70-mph casual tests. With abounding adventures and added than 35,000 afar to go in our test, we’ll accept affluence of opportunities to see if the Mojave’s altered charms can outweigh its negatives.

Months in Fleet: 2 months Current Mileage: 4556 milesAverage Ammunition Economy: 15 mpgFuel Catchbasin Size: 22.0 gal Empiric Ammunition Range: 330 milesService: $0 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0Damage and Destruction: $0


2020 Jeep Gladiator MojaveVehicle Type: front-engine, rear-/4-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door pickup

PRICE Base/As Tested: $45,370/$58,920Options: Premium audio group, $1845; leather-trimmed brazier seats, $1595; Atramentous Freedom three-piece adamantine top, $1295; Burden Administration accumulation with Aisle Rail system, $895; Cold Weather group, $695; Jeep Alive Safety group, $895; adaptive cruise control, $795; forward-facing aisle cam, $595

ENGINE DOHC 24-valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, absolute ammunition injectionDisplacement: 220 in3, 3605 cm3Power: 285 hp @ 6400 rpmTorque: 260 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm

TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual

CHASSIS Suspension, F/R: alive axle/live axleBrakes, F/R: 13.0-in vented disc/13.6-in vented discTires: Falken WildPeak A/T3WLT285/70R-17 116/113Q M S

DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 137.3 inLength: 218.1 inWidth: 73.8 inHeight: 74.1 inPassenger Volume: 104 ft3Curb Weight: 5175 lb

C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 8.5 sec1/4-Mile: 16.5 sec @ 82 mphResults aloft omit 1-ft rollout of 0.2 sec.Rolling Start, 5–60 mph: 9.3 secTop Gear, 30–50 mph: 24.3 secTop Gear, 50–70 mph: 24.3 secTop Acceleration (gov ltd): 97 mphBraking, 70–0 mph: 197 ftRoadholding, 300-ft Skidpad: 0.72 g

C/D FUEL ECONOMY Observed: 16 mpgUnscheduled oil additions: 0 qt

EPA FUEL ECONOMY Combined/City/Highway: 19/16/23 mpg

WARRANTY 3 years/36,000 afar bonanza to bumper5 years/60,000 afar powertrain3 years/unlimited afar bane protection5 years/60,000 afar roadside assistance


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